Show Me Your Mumu Discount: How to Never Pay Full Price for your SMYMM Favorites

Tips on how to get the best Show Me Your Mumu discount and how to shop the brand at the best prices. Scroll down for all the info!

I think we probably all have that one brand that we’re just obsessed with, right?! I know I do! Show Me Your Mumu is truly my obsession. If I could pick one brand to wear forever or to have an unlimited shopping spree too, it would definitely be Mumu. I love everything they do, every release, every season, it’s all so good! I’d love to have a closet full of it if I could! But the real question is how do I get the best Show Me Your Mumu discount?!

As you probably know, Show Me Your Mumu isn’t what I would consider an affordably priced brand. It’s more moderately priced. For me it’s definitely a splurge piece and I have to love it if I’m going to invest in it. Since my love for the brand runs deep but I don’t have unlimited Mumu funds I’ve found some really great ways to shop the brand at a discount!

So here are a few of my tips on how to shop Show Me Your Mumu on sale. I don’t think I’ve really bought much Mumu full price but I do have an amazing growing collection of Mumu that I LOVE!

How to Find the Best Show Me Your Mumu Discount, tips featured by top Nashville fashion blogger, Pearls and Twirls

How To Get the Best Show Me Your Mumu Discount

Keep Up With Show Me Your Mumu’s Sales!

They’re currently running a 40% off Summer Sale and there are some AWESOME finds in there! I’ll link some of my favs below. I’m super excited to have snagged a few pieces from the sale that I literally can’t wait to get in! I have a lot of really fun pieces I’ve gotten from their sales that honestly I would have never paid full price for but have ended up LOVING! Shop some of my favorite pieces that are still in stock in a lot of sizes here!

Follow Boutiques that Carry the Line & Watch for Flash Sales!

When we carried Mumu at My Kind of Lovely we would run really great end of season sales where we would do 40% off sitewide or major markdowns. Most boutiques do this (great for the consumer – not to great for the boutique ha!) I got both of these kimonos from a small boutique in Texas, Girligirl Boutique, that runs some pretty great sales!

Search Regularly on Poshmark

This goes for any brands you love, but often I just search Show Me Your Mumu on poshmark to see what’s available. Sometimes it’s priced pretty high but other times you can find awesome deals!

Find BST Groups on Facebook

There are so many awesome ways to shop secondhand these days and I love that there are brand specific buy, sell, trade groups for the brands you really love! I’m in one that’s all Show Me Your Mumu, you can shop, you can sell or you can trade with people. They have great community rules and I seriously love the group! You know people

How to Find the Best Show Me Your Mumu Discount, tips featured by top Nashville fashion blogger, Pearls and Twirls

Kimonos like these are great because the sizing is actually super flexible! Both of these are XSs and I’m definitely not an XS. But for something like a flowy kimono sizing isn’t as hard!

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get the best Show Me Your Mumu discount! Tag me in all your favorite SMYMM finds!

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