Our Tennessee Western Wedding

I know I’m behind on sharing these, but I couldn’t not give our sweet, Tennessee western wedding a permanent space on my little corner of the internet! (this post is all I ever shared!) And I also couldn’t not shout out all my amazing vendors and the people who made this happen! It really was the perfect day and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who made it happen!

We had a whirlwind of a year in 2020. I moved in with Jared and moved to middle Tennessee, the world was quickly met with a global pandemic, we decided to start wedding planning (assuming the virus would be under control by the fall). Then Jared’s mom was tragically diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and passed away 6 weeks later, 1 month before our wedding. When I think back to it, I feel like we were in such a fog leading up to the wedding that I am so grateful we had such an amazing team to help us pull the wedding off! Our venue & wedding planning team were AMAZING and I genuinely could not think of a better crew for our wedding.

And I’m not going to lie, re-living and remembering the whole day right now for these posts has been really fun too! I hope you love hearing our story and re-living the day with me! I’m going to break these up into a couple different posts so stay tuned for more wedding posts to see the full story.

We opted out of a lot of the traditional wedding things. I wanted it to be about us, I wanted our guests to have fun and I wanted it to feel really laid back which I feel like we accomplished! We didn’t do a bridal party, we didn’t do a lot of the traditional things like bouquet/garter tosses and after the ceremony it was just one big, fun party which we absolutely loved!

Getting Ready

Funny story on getting ready. I started the day off with a 7am call from my hair and makeup girl that she stopped to get coffee on the way and couldn’t taste the coffee. Soo I started my wedding day with no hair and makeup! Ha! Luckily Jared’s cousin Melanie owns a bridal shop where I got my dress and knows a bunch of people in the local wedding industry so I called her and she had people ready to do my hair and makeup within minutes! Luckily it was just hair & makeup for me and my mom and hair for Addi so it wasn’t a huge deal. I ended up loving my hair and makeup too!

First Look & Portraits

I’m so glad Jared & I did a first look. We drove up to this back mountaintop behind the venue for our photos and first look. I fell in love with all these gorgeous trees and the light up here and knew this was the perfect, private spot for our first look and bridal portraits. We just wanted these to be just between us and with Addi so it was a really fun moment we had just the 3 of us as a little family before the craziness of the wedding.

Friends First Look

Since I didn’t do bridesmaids I knew I wanted a least a few photos with my best friends! I had a group come early and did a first look with me and my friends! The first look aspect was actually a surprise – I didn’t know it was happening right then which made it so special! And it was so fun to get a moment with them before all the craziness! I’m so glad I have these friend photos even though we didn’t have a bridal party. If you’re like me and opting against a bridal party, it’s definitely a must!

Next we did friend & family portraits and then it was time for the wedding! That’s when all the fun happens! Check back to see more from the ceremony & reception in my next post! And thanks for reliving our day with me! 10/10 recommend blogging your wedding over a year after it happened to re-live the day again! 😉


Photography: Natalie Watson

Venue: Likeazoo

Coordinator & Florals: Amanda Voyles

Brides Look:

Dress: The White Room | Designer: Wilderly Bride by Allure

Ring: American Jewelry

Boots: Planet Cowboy

Hat: Olive & Pique from Poppies Boutique

Grooms Look:

Jacket: Jos A. Banks

Boots: Anderson Bean

Hat: Greely Hat Works