Swept Away





I shot these a while back (right after shooting this outfit) with my mom in this beautiful field of wildflowers right by our house. I contemplated sharing them since I’ve already posted wearing this dress and it’s not really available to purchase anymore (we do have 1 small left if anyone wants to snag it!) but decided that they kind of go with how I’m feeling lately. I’ve been a little quieter than usual around these parts because the outdoors are just too dang tempting. After spending 8 hours a day inside it’s been SO hard to come home and get back on the computer and blog! Fun girl’s nights by the pool and puppy dates in the park are much more enticing! So if posting is a little slow one week, life totally got in the way. I always want this blog to be a happy place, not something that restricts me from having a little fun here and there so thanks for sticking around on the slow weeks! I hope you guys can join me in leaving the house messy, the inboxes jumbled and have a little outdoor fun this weekend!

And an outtake just for giggles because life gets overwhelming and it feels a little like this…


My Kind of Lovely Dress | Karen Walker Sunnies