I’ve always been a huge fan of Kate Spade. They’re fun, colorful and quirky (just like me, duh) and every season I look forward to their new lines and spying on their NYFW presentations. So when I saw this bag foreverrr ago I knew I had to have it! Well it wasn’t quite in the budget at the time and I let it get away but as soon as I spied it on the current flash sale I HAD to scoop it up! I mean I don’t really know how I’ve survived without it on  all those girls trips I’ve been taking! And now I really need a reason to get out of town and use it…and quick! #vacaymeplease 😉

Kate Spade totally does flash sales right and as usual they have a TON of great pieces in their current sale! I (unhappily) narrowed my cart down to two things but there’s a ton of great stuff! I still really want these earrings and this cute winking clutch. I mean come on Kate Spade, why do you make it so hard?!

I have a feeling these Memorial Day sales are going to be pretty hard to resist! Which ones are you shopping?