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If you’ve been following Pearls & Twirls for a while you’ve probably noticed my monthly Sun Tan City Posts. I’m so thankful for the brands that support this little blog and today I wanted to share just a little about my tanning experience. While I don’t use the UV tanning beds at STC (after college I decided that my skin was much more important that a real tan) I do love a spray tan! They’re a must for all of my big events like weddings, bachelorette parties and weekend trips!

My sunless tanning experience at Sun Tan City has always been a great one! I always get the same color (medium – clear) and try to always shower, exfoliate and shave before spraying for an even spray tan. I’ve just recently started using product in my spray tan routine and picked up this California Tan duo. I use the exfoliator in the shower pre-spray tan and use the color maximizer just before spraying (and before the barrier cream – always use the barrier cream on your hands and feet!) and have loved how it prolongs my spray tan.


I also was just introduced to this spray tan in a bottle by the sweet folks I work with at Sun Tan City and it’s amaze! The wedding I went to in Nashville this weekend kinda crept up on me and I didn’t get to squeeze in my STC spray tan so I tossed this can in my bag and hopped on the road. Well my best friend and roomie for the weekend also didn’t have time to spray so we each sprayed each other in the hotel bathroom before heading out to the rehearsal dinner and hoped for the best! Well let me tell you…this stuff works (take a peek at us here)! Just like any other sunless tanning product you have to be careful, my legs turned out a little uneven but overall it gave us an easy glow that didn’t look super dark on my pale skin!


gifted DS Faux Natural™ Sunless 360° Sunless Mist available at Sun Tan City locations

Thank you for reading Pearls & Twirls and supporting the brands that make this blog possible. This is a sponsored post by Sun Tan City but all opinions are my own. I wouldn’t support or blog about brands that I didn’t believe in!

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