5 Tips For Staying More Productive During Quarantine

Anyone else feeling like your quarantine productivity needs a little help?! I don’t know about ya’ll but my screentime has sky rocketed during quarantine. I’m spending so much more time on my phone! It can be hard because I do actually work on my phone but I also know a lot of that is wasted time. Not to mention I’m still the one complaining there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! Right now I’m juggling My Kind of Lovely, the blog & instagram, my Monat business with customers and team members, trying to spoil these kittens while I have them, paint and remodel the house, cook, clean, spend time with Jared and do a little wedding planning here and there and OMG this girl ain’t got time to tik tok or scroll on instagram all day! It’s time to get it together and stay more productive during quarantine!

But when you’re at home, with no real plans to get out, it can feel like you actually have all the time in the world. Right?!

How To Stay More Productive During Quarantine

Hair in a bun, My Kind of Lovely corded sweatshirts, no makeup and on my computer is basically my quarantine get all the things done look! Stay Home Corded Sweatshirt via My Kind of Lovely 

How to Stay More Productive During Quarantine

I’ve been trying to max out my productivity while at home and get myself moving towards really being productive. I have my good days and my bad days but I have found some things that work! So I wanted to share a few of my best tips for any girls out there who are also juggling a lot of different things!


I’ve always been a write things down person but lately I’ve been writing everything down. Even if it’s ’empty the dishwasher’! I get way more things accomplished and when I feel like scrolling or just sitting down on my phone for a little bit, having a list to keep me in check usually gets me off the couch and going. If it’s just to-do’s in my head I’m more likely to just sit and scroll.

Block Your Days

Since we’re in our homes for longer throughout the day and not really going out for lunch dates, dinners or literally for anything, one thing that’s helped me stay on task and get more things done is blocking my day. Right now I do a lot of MKL things first thing and try to wrap that up by lunch. If I can get that work done in the first half of the day I have all afternoon to work on other things! Once I stop working on that for the day, everything else goes to the next day. This minimizes distractions and cuts out jumping back and forth between projects. Same can go for chores, laundry, etc. Make your cleaning one hour the same time of day. Same for workouts, walks, etc! This is such a great practice for girls who juggle a lot of different things!

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

One thing I’ve been struggling with is not having anything to really look forward to. I can easily fall into a rut where I’m just not as motivated. I’ve been giving myself a treat, a day off, a day outside, just something to look forward to at the end of the week. This gets me excited to have productive days, keeps me on track and gives me something to look forward to!

Batch Work

One thing I like to do, but don’t always have the time or capacity to actually do is batch work. I used to be great about batch shooting content (shooting a few different outfits at once) but have gotten out of the habit since I have more free time on my hands. One thing I’m doing more of is finding different tasks and work to batch out. I’ve been creating my email graphics and marketing emails once a week versus when I need to send an email. I’m going to start blocking off an afternoon to write blog posts 3 at a time versus just one at a time. If there are any work tasks that you could do this with, I’d definitely recommend it! It’s so nice to work ahead on some things to free up other days! When your brain isn’t bouncing around a ton of tasks at once, you’re actually more efficient at the current task.

Put Your Phone in Another Room

This one isn’t very fun, but I do put my phone in another room if I’m really distracted. I’ve been keeping up my morning reading, journaling, devotion routine and usually I turn my phone on silent and put it on the floor so that I’m not distracted and I don’t hear it at all. One thing can happen on the phone and totally derail you. So if you need to put it away for a few hours. Put it away and don’t check it. It will blow your mind how quickly you can get tasks done when you’re not constantly distracted by your phone!

Those are my 5 tips that are truly helping me right now. Life and goals and work are still happening for a lot of people out there and I hope some of these help you feel equipped to tackle your days! If you have any productivity secrets or tips please share! I’d LOVE to hear them!

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