Start a Monat Side Hustle with Your Stimmy

Another round of stimulus checks are going out and if you’ve been wanting to start another stream of income, take a little of that stimulus money and invest it in a side hustle! There is truly no better time to start a Monat side hustle than now! I’ll be honest, when I started my Monat business I had no clue what it could turn into, but I’m so thankful for that one scary YES. I am so blessed by the business, the community, the income and the products!

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{photo from my Monat paid for trip to Vegas last year!}

Start a Monat Business

Why I Started My Monat Side Hustle…

Two years ago I started something with literally NO idea what I was doing. No idea if it was something that I would take seriously, no idea if I could actually do it, and no expectations. What I did know was what I was currently doing wasn’t working. I needed something new, I needed something inspiring and I needed a change.

When I started out as a market partner with Monat I just wanted some extra money and I wanted something fun to work on! The girls that I joined always looked like they were having fun. They did team calls, had events, and every time they shared about the products or the business they looked like they were having fun! That’s exactly what I needed more of in my life! So I joined with no expectations and no clue what I was doing!

Slowly but surely I’ve learned all about the products, I’ve built an amazing and excited customer base and have a growing, hungry team of women who are also making money and having fun doing this with me!

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What My Hesitations Were…

I’ll be totally honest though, I was definitely a network marketing hater when I started this. I was not interested in being “that girl.” I literally always said I would NEVER do one of those. It took some getting over, but I realized there’s really nothing to be ashamed of here. Network marketing or multi-level marketing is just a method of marketing the business uses. Most companies follow a funnel of manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail, the consumer. A MLM cuts out wholesale and retail and does direct distribution to consumers. They just focus on their salespeople.

Monat invests in their partners who are representing their company instead of investing in big retail store marketing. This allows them to really invest in the product, luxe packaging and giving their customers a wonderful experience from the distribution side. But it also allows them to really invest in US, their market partners, so we are compensated well and coached and poured into. Monat actually just ranked 2nd in Direct Selling news for top momentum makers! This means out of all the direct sales industry Monat is seeing the top growth and momentum. So cool!

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So What Made Me Jump In?

I personally love following people online. The older I’ve gotten the more I actually love following real people on instagram too. Less influencer reviews, more real people product reviews, please! So I decided this was a great product to share! I also started out as a VIP customer and loved the product so it seemed like a no-brainer to at least give it a shot! I also really loved the team and community aspect of it. A team of goal oriented, successful, ambitious, growth minded women to collaborate with and learn from? Yes, please!

What Made Me Stay?

That’s what made me jump but what made me stay? It honestly was better than anything I could have ever imagined! We get paid 5x a month, have the opportunity to earn trips, and earn a paid for car. The work is fun, the products are amazing and we get endless support, trainings and coaching from the most inspiring women who are literally just like you.

What Does That Mean for YOU?

If you knew you could start this, never have to send an “icky” cold message, were just asked to be YOU and share what you love, would you jump in? What if you knew that after sharing consistently you could make a pretty solid side income? All by literally just being yourself and sharing things you love on social media? It really is such a great gig and I’m so happy I took the chance and just said, why not?!

So out of that $1400 stimulus check invest $199 in a bundle of killer non-toxic hair and skincare products and see what you can make out of it! I’ll be here to coach you along the way. If you’ve ever had a little bit of interest in this, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions! (message me here!) There’s truly no better time to dive in!


Are you interested in starting a Monat Business?  Let me know in a comment below!