Spring Transition Tips

This morning I’m back on the news sharing a few spring transitional outfit ideas (watch the clip here)! I say this with every changing season but I swear people around here don’t know how to dress for the “in between” seasons. They only know how to dress for hot and for cold. So right now there’s a lot of sweaters and boots still happening and I just saw a girl wearing white shorts the other day. There’s no happy medium around here!

With that in mind I just wanted to share a few tips on how to start transitioning your outfits from winter into spring. It’s super easy to start incorporating those spring and summer pieces into your outfits you just have to find a nice balance!

Marchspring transition-5

We all love a good dress but they can be a little tricky right now. On a pretty spring day break out that new cute dress but throw on a jacket and booties to keep you from looking too summer-y. This dress will look so cute with open toe wedges and bright jewelry in the coming months but lets keep it toned down a little for now.

Marchspring transition-6

Don’t be afraid to layer those spring colors! Keeping your spring looks layered is the easiest way to dress for those weird in between days. Switch out your usual sweater for a few fun layered tops for something that will keep you warm but have you looking like spring!

Marchspring transition-3

Marchspring transition

Marchspring transition-2

Spice up your favorite basics with a spring statement necklace! One of the easiest ways to switch up your looks is just to add a different spring-colored sparkle!

Marchspring transition-7

Marchstripes and camo-5

Dress, cardigan, coral top and statement necklaces all from My Kind of Lovely.