Spring Forward: 5 Things To Do For a Spring Reset

Anyone else feeling exceptionally excited for spring?! I am SO ready for spring and feeling so excited about what’s to come lately! It’s a combination of coming out of what feels like the longest winter, more and more people completing their vaccines and little bits of pretty spring weather, but man I am SO EXCITED for spring! I wanted to share a few things I’ve done over the past couple weeks that have me feeling refreshed and ready for what’s to come! We all can have a nice little spring reset!

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5 Things To Do For A Spring Reset

Purge Closets & Drawers

I did a major closet clean out and will be consigning a lot of things with Statemint Consignment in a couple weeks! It feels really good to get rid of things I’m not wearing or that don’t fit anymore. I also have really been working my way through my drawers too! Throwing out old underwear and getting rid of old tee shirts, pjs, leggings, etc. It feels so great to not have those extra things just cluttering up your important spaces! A spring reset with your closet and your wardrobe feels so great!

Spring Shopping & Outfit Planning

Since I cleaned out my closet, I did play around with some pieces in my closet and put together some fun spring outfits. I styled some of my winter favs for spring, broke out the white jeans and moved all my wintery pieces to the back of my closet. It was so fun to get out of my dark winter outfit rut and bring in some fun new colors to my outfits! I also ordered a few things from H&M just to add a few new spring things to the mix. I’m really excited to try out some new spring trends this season! I can’t wait to share more with ya’ll!

Deep Clean The House

We’ve been talking about hiring a house cleaner for a real deep clean, but over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to clean up and clean out different rooms in the house. Once you get your space clean, it’s easier to keep it clean if you can just commit to tidying up every day. I feel so much better when the house is clean, so just taking that time to deep clean, then keep it tidy has made a world of difference for my productivity!

Plan Week on Sunday Nights

I basically threw my calendar out the window after the pandemic started (ha!) but now I’m back to living by it! It’s also been very helpful with Mindful March! Every Sunday night I’ve been planning out my week and it’s been wonderful. I plan out meals, schedule my days, lay out all the things I need to get done that week and it has been a game changer! I’m juggling quite a bit these days so planning my entire week out on Sunday night has been so helpful. When I have a plan, I tend to stick to the plan, which is great! I feel ready for the weekend on Fridays instead of still feeling like I have work to do!

At Home Sunless Tan & Mani/Pedi

I’m excited to break out the dresses and skirts but my legs are definitely not! So it’s time for a little at home pampering. Sunless tanner & a mani/pedi will work wonders for your confidence and will get you even more excited for spring dresses and cute sandals!

What are some fun spring reset things you’re doing this week or this month?! Let me know in the comments!