Splurge Worthy

Since I like to keep things budget friendly here on Pearls & Twirls I wanted to share my splurge journey with you in an attempt to justify confess my recent handbag purchase. For starters I don’t own and have never purchased a designer piece. No LV handbag, no Burberry trench and certainly no Louboutin heels. As a blogger it’s so easy to see so-and-so’s Celine bag and Jimmy Choo heels and feel like it’s ordinary to own or be able to regularly splurge on these items. Well….IT’S NOT! Not for normal girls at least. And even though I paid cash (ok credit card but I immediately paid it off) it’s a lot of money. A lot of money that could have gone a lot of other places. But do we deserve a treat every now and again? Heck to the yes and let me tell you, I’ve worked my booty off lately. This splurge was 100% for me, because I love it, because I deserve it and because I wanted it, dang-it! So here we are. Meet Ms. Pashli.

Coral Pashli

She’s big, she’s bold and she’s going to be making a regular appearance here on Pearls & Twirls (outfit post coming tomorrow)! Since I’ve made this big splurge I wanted to share a few pointers for those of you who may be considering a splurge and how to totally justify your purchase and not get yourself into debt by splurging on something you love.

1. Do you love it? Love it like when you see it you get excited, think about it often and still love it? For me I’ve loved this style for MONTHS and am still totally in love!
2. Can you afford it? And no, I don’t mean right now can you pay cash and still have money to eat afford it (I certainly can’t) I mean, if you make some sacrifices over time, could you afford it? And a little tip: timing is everything with splurges (tax return season anyone?)
3. What can you do to save or make a little extra to toward your purchase? For me I picked up several extra baton lessons, sold clothes on Poshmark and even worked a few odd jobs when available to make a few extra dollars.
4. Is it totally worth it to you? Again, for me, yes. I’ve been wanting to make my first designer purchase for a long time and this bag is seriously amazing.  It’s perfect for me as it’s huge and can fit my camera, ipad, laptop and lots of extras for when I’m on the go. I almost broke and went for the Tory Burch Robinson because with the Friends and Family 25% off sale it was literally half the price of this one and I also like that bag. But my feelings weren’t as strong. I LOVE this bag.
5. Lastly, is a discount code possible?? Spoken from a true bargain shopper I’m always trying to get a deal. Unfortunately most high end designers don’t honor discount codes but I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you sign up for Saks email they send you a 10% off code within a day. With NO EXCLUSIONS! So I got this bag for 10% off…score!