Side Hustle Ideas: 5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Side Hustle

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past week about side hustles and why they’re so great. Y’all know I love a side hustle, am always thinking of side hustle ideas and will forever be an advocate for side hustles, but I know they don’t come as easy for other people. My parent’s didn’t have traditional jobs, so I grew up with the entrepreneurial lifestyle and having different streams of income and different “side hustles” never seemed out of the ordinary for me. But as I’ve met people and worked more and more in mine, I’ve realized that’s not the case for a lot of people. But I do want to share how they actually can be life changing, provide a great stream of income for you while also bringing you so much joy! So….here’s the tea on side hustle ideas!

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Why Now is the Best Time to Carry Out Side Hustle Ideas

More Time

Let’s be honest here, we’re in a global pandemic and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better any time soon. You actually do have the extra time right now. Even if it’s just a little extra time we’re never going to have this excuse to stay home again – ha! So now’s the time to research, think about what you really want to do for a side hustle, and figure out what it might take to start one! Start saving up, start learning how to get a business license, make a business plan, reach out to that person you’ve been watching! We actually have a little extra time in our days right now, take advantage of them!

It Can Inspire You And Provide You with a Lot of Joy

Things are crazy right now. The news can be heartbreaking and overwhelming, social media can be too much and on top of all that we’re supposed to stay home all the time. In all honesty my side hustles have kept me SANE! They’re fun things I can look forward to! When I’m feeling overwhelmed and sucked into social media I put the phone down and create something! It inspires me and makes me feel excited and so happy again!

Extra Income

Most side hustles can provide you with some really good extra income. And who doesn’t need that right now?! It’s also income stability for those who are in a career where you can’t work from home and, heaven forbid, you test positive for covid and you’re out of work for 2 weeks! It’s nice to have a little cushion. Even if you don’t personally need the money right now, you can save, you can give back to others in your community, take a friend to dinner, etc. The extra income a side hustle provides can help pay for your groceries, it can pay off your debt or it can double your salary. The earning opportunities if you’re willing to work are endless.

You Create Your Own Success

When you start a side hustle, believe me, I know it can be scary, terrifying even. But the really cool thing is, you can create your own success. You can work your butt off and grow it as big as you want! Don’t know how? Google is your bff! Google everything, listen to podcasts, learn as much as you can! Promise yourself you’ll do what it takes to try your best and I promise you’ll start to see results.

Take Something Good Out of this Pandemic

Here’s the deal, if you’ve been wanting or thinking about starting a side hustle, do it now. Do it during a time that was so hard for the rest of the world. Do it during a time when most people sat back and watched netflix and were sad that they can’t go to concerts. Now is the time to work on yourself and work on what YOU want out of your life. Take this negative and turn it into something that works for you. I’m grateful for every single day that I get a chance to work on my side hustles. I seriously don’t take this time lightly. I’m excited to come out of this pandemic a new person!

So tell me, what side hustle are you ready to start?! 😉 Still don’t know what you want to do?! Here’s a fun post on how to make side money during quarantine that could help you get started! You can always start with one thing and pivot to another! AND if you’re interested in starting a side hustle with me, I’m always here to chat! You can email me pearlsandtwirlsblog at or dm me on insta!

Do you have any extra side hustle ideas?  Let me know in a comment below!

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