Shop Local Series: My Kind of Lovely YAY for 10K

Hi friends! I’m a little late getting this blog post up this week but the weeks, days, hours, minutes seem to keep going faster and faster these days! Eeek!

But I’m more excited than EVER before to kick off my Shop Local series this year! I’ve made so many amazing friends and connections to other small business owners over the past year and I can’t wait to share them with ya’ll! I started this little series a few years ago on a whim because I follow a lot of blogs and most of them are promoting a lot of the big box retailers and very few are sharing shopping locally and highlighting local designers and businesses. And what a shame that is because there are SO MANY wonderful small businesses out there that totally need your support this time of year!

See all my previous features here – I still love them all!

So I’m kicking off the series with none other than….

Shop Local Series: My Kind of Lovely

That saying, every time you make a purchase at a small business someone does a happy dance, couldn’t be more true! We get excited for every single online order that comes through, every purchase that’s made, and every customer that walks through the door! We can’t thank our customers enough! Whether your buying a $14 pair of earrings or a $150 Mumu sweater you’re helping us pay our rockstar employees, keep new clothes on the racks and online every week and help us give back to our amazing community! We are thankful for every single purchase you make and hope we make those purchases just as fun for you as they are to us!

We’ve been celebrating the holidays over at My Kind of Lovely since early November and the fun is really only beginning! We are bringing our holiday game bigger and better than ever before and we’re so excited about it!

We’re celebrating finally hitting 10K followers on instagram this week with a super fun event in store! We’ve got lots of deals, giveaways, new arrivals and are giving away swag bags in store this week! If you’re not local to either store we’re also doing free shipping sitewide, have extended our $10 off deals to online (shop them here & use code YAYFOR10K) and are giving away a free My Kind of Lovely pop socket to all online orders! YaY! (shop online here!)

SO we hope ya’ll will come see us this weekend, next week, anytime in December or shop with us online! We will make sure you have a good time, find something you’ll love and hopefully help you mark off some Christmas gifts on your list! Shop My Kind of Lovely online here!