Shop Local Series: My Kind of Lovely

As we’re all gearing up for the holidays and the craziest shopping season of year, I wanted to really put a lot of thought into my holiday content here on Pearls & Twirls. I didn’t want to throw together gift guides and put a lot of pressure on creating all this shopping nonsense. Because really Christmas should be more than just buying gifts and spending your money at some big box store.

Shop Local Series

Your entire Christmas season should be an experience. And it is weather you realize it or not. You get caught up in experiencing the rush, the crowds, the bumper to bumper traffic and the crazy black friday sales. Or you can have the less busy, the more happy, Christmas experience and focus on a local Christmas. Shopping local you get way more of a personal shopping experience and can find one of a kind gifts and even dining local you beat the crowds that are around the malls and big shopping centers.

Local downtowns support each other with festivals, events, Christmas tree lightings, Santa visits and more! Sometimes you’re greeted with hot chocolate and others just a real big, warm smile. No long lines, grumpy checkout people and no messy stores. Just real people, in the holiday spirit, ready to help you finish up, start or work on that Christmas list!

Shop Local Series

I’m a firm believer of not only shopping local but dining local, working out local and doing just about as much local business as I can. But at the holidays it’s especially important. So today I’m kicking off my Shop Local Series! Of course my first feature is My Kind of Lovely but I’ll also be sharing lots of other local businesses that I’ll be shopping this holiday season and can’t wait to share with you what I’m shopping and why!

Shop Local Series

I just wanted to point out a few fun My Kind of Lovely features we’re doing this holiday season and share all the different ways you can shop My Kind of Lovely!


We’re doing in store wish lists where you can come in, pick out some of your favorite pieces and create your very own wishlist for us to keep in store for someone special to come in and get great ideas that you’ll love. (You can even leave a name & phone number and our elves can make calls! wink wink!) That way there’s no confusion on things that you love, sizes included! And also, you’ll never know what’s been checked off your wishlist!

Personalized Shopping & Styling

Since we live and breathe all things My Kind of Lovely we’ve got a good idea what all kinds of girls love! We shop with girls and for other girls all day every day! Just give us a little idea of who it is you’re shopping for and we can typically point you in the right direction of something she’ll love. We’re also real good at putting together complete outfits! For you (holiday parties and events anyone?!) or for someone else!

3 Locations To Shop

My Kind of Lovely now has three different locations and ways to shop! Find us at our home store in Madisonville (106 College Street Madisonville, TN 37354). Or you can also shop our My Kind of Lovely Pop Up Shop in Knoxville! Caroline & I are usually there on both Wednesdays and Fridays and we have a great selection of gift and clothing there. The Pop Up Shop is located within Weiss Baby at 9700 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37922. And lastly, is always there and open 24/7! Which also brings me to…

Online Shopping

We’re busy busy bees trying to keep everything updated on our website! Starting next week we’ll have lots of new arrivals every week including clothing, gift and decor! Another great way to shop local, but from the comfort of your own home!

Pennington Home

Did you know My Kind of Lovely has a home store as well?? Pennington Home is run by our favorite, Adam Pennington, and is beautifully decorated for Christmas! You can shop lots of beautiful home décor, Christmas décor and more while also shopping MKL!

Shop Local SeriesI’m super excited to kick off a shop local focus and can’t wait to hear what you guys think. If you have any favorites I shouldn’t miss in the Knoxville and surrounding area please let me know!