10 Quarantine Essentials to Make Your Life Easier

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about things that we’ve started doing because of the pandemic, but they actually have majorly made life way more simple! They are quarantine essentials that have become everyday life essentials! I’ve saved so much time and simplified things that I didn’t even realize needed simplifying! All of these have become new habits that I don’t plan to stop doing anytime soon either. Less time & stress on things like tampons and meal planning forever!

I’ve also become much more aware of shopping small and supporting local businesses which makes my time out of the house much more fun and rewarding! Less Wal-Mart, Target & Walgreens runs and more fun, shopping local runs!

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**this is what I look like 99% of the time when doing my grocery shopping and I’m HERE FOR IT.**

Quarantine Essentials That Have Made My Life Easier

Grocery Pickup

Fun fact: I actually hated grocery pickup at the beginning of all this! Shopping online for groceries was so intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of it- you’ll never go back! It’s actually the best thing – EVER. As I realize I need something I just go ahead and add it to my cart in the app. It’s so easy!

A Daily/Weekly Planner

Not going to lie my 2020 planner got very little use! Once my calendar felt very empty I just stopped using it. Even though life has changed this past year, I still feel best when I work out of a planner. Before the pandemic I lived by my monthly planner, but now I work off the weekly section and it has helped SO much! I’ve really been missing the mark on using a planner. I now make a big brain dump in a notebook and then delegate big tasks out by the day in my planner and it has helped my workflow so much! I will definitely be keeping up this way of planning out my week!

Tampon Autoship

What’s the one thing you always run out of at the WORST time?! If I had a dollar for every panicked Walgreens run with TP shoved in my pants…… put those dang things on autoship and never run out again! I use Lola because they’re 100% organic cotton (with no dyes, synthetic fibers or toxins!) And they have an autoship option!

Razor Autoship

Another thing I’m always running out of but always forgetting to buy. Putting my Billie Razor on autoship was what turned me onto automating those things that I always buy but never want to buy, you know what I mean?!

Dog Food Autoship

Dog food was another thing I’d be doing a late night or early morning Walgreens run for because I ran out and was afraid my dog was going to hate me for not feeding him. HA! Put it on auto because you know you’re going to buy it and you know you need it!

Hair & Skincare Online Ordering (& autoship option)

Give me all the autoships, seriously! Ha! Finding a great hair and skincare brand that I will keep buying from is the best because it makes ordering and stocking up so easy! They have an autoship/flexship option but what I want to try and restock changes so often I love that I can change it out at any time. You get an email 7 days before it processes so you have time to swap your products out or push the date back. It’s super convenient and shipping comes in 2 days so I’m never waiting around for my products! Literally gone are the days of drugstore runs for any beauty products!

Nuuly Clothing Rentals

Times are weird man, and while I still am unsure if I need 6 pieces of clothing for 1 month at a time, but I do sure love it! (I shared a full review here!) Nuuly is the most fun! It’s a great service if you have fun things coming up but don’t have the need to splurge on new clothes. It’s also really great for seasonal clothing too! I started using Nuuly for wedding showers and my bachelorette party but have loved playing around with it! You can pause it when you don’t need anything and start it back up at anytime!

Meal Kit Services

My at home cooking has increased by like 10000% this year ha! We very rarely eat out anymore, but I definitely do get tired of coming up with new meals to make. That’s why I’ve loved Hello Fresh and any other kind of meal service. It’s a great way to have a delicious, fresh dinner delivered to your door. I love them because they’re typically things I wouldn’t buy/try myself so they’re a great switch from my normal dinners.

USPS Pickup

I know not everyone ships as much as I do, but the usps pickup option is the best! I schedule it and leave my packages on my carport and they just come and pick them up! No stressing about making it to the post office anymore!

Insta/Facebook Shopping with Your Favorite Boutiques

One thing that we started doing at My Kind of Lovely was offering super easy shopping for everything! We started doing sales in our facebook group, preorders in our facebook group, DM us on stories, along with offering online shopping! The easier we could make it, the better! And I love this option from other boutiques or designers! I literally just bought a purse from a designer’s instagram this week! I love when boutiques offer lots of easy ways to shop!

What are some of your quarantine essentials?  Let me know in a comment below!