5 Productive Things To Do on Your Snow Day

Productive Snow Day

SNOW! We finally got some snow in East Tennessee! We’ve had some freezing cold temperatures, ice, and now finally we’re getting some snow! My backyard turned into a winter wonderland within a matter of hours and my sweet neighbor Mary & I were able to run out and snap a few photos before the sun went down!

I don’t know about ya’ll but I love snow days because it’s the perfect excuse to stay home and mark off some of those looming to-dos you take forever to get around to doing! I got in quite a few hours of uninterrupted work, cleaned out my hall closet, packed up my Christmas decor, got lots of laundry done and made a pretty big dent in my latest read. Next up on my agenda is to do a massive email clean out and mapping out the rest of my week! See? For some reason I’m so productive when there’s snow on the ground! And you totally can be too! Here’s a few of my snow day productivity tips and 5 things you should consider doing on your snow day!

 Snow Day Productivity Tips:

  • Sleep In – You’ve got all day to get stuff done! Sleep in and enjoy a slow morning for once. You’ll feel rested and ready to be productive after that morning coffee kicks in!
  • Tidy up – Pick up the house and you’ll feel ready to be productive. For me that’s cleaning up the kitchen, making my bed and starting a load of laundry. I always feel much more productive in a clean and tidy space.
  • Make a List – If you’re like me you’re not home much so there’s plenty of things to do around the house when you are home. Make a list of all the things you’d like to get done today. (My top one was taking Christmas down and since I’m moving this year, to separate all my Christmas decor. What’s coming with me, what’s going to my mom’s, yard sale, donate, etc.)
  • Turn on You Favorite Music or TV Show – One of the best parts about being home is background music! Dance around or even get distracted by your favorite show.
  • Have Fun! Enjoy your day at home but also get a few things done.

5 Productive Things to Do on Your Snow Day

  1. Start a Book – I’ll say starting a book is always the hardest part for me. I’m always waiting for the right time. A snow day is the perfect time to start a new book! You’ve got plenty of time to dive into it and you’ll be excited to reach for it even on busy days.
  2. Clean out your Closets – Clean those bad boys out, list it on poshmark and take your donation pile as soon as the roads are clear the next day!
  3. Research – If you’ve been meaning to work on planning that summer trip or new recipes now is the perfect time to browse pinterest or put in that extra research time! I know this is definitely something I put off for long periods of time so I’ve spent some time working on mine and Jared’s Jackson trip in February. And have even tried out some new recipes.
  4. One Thing You’ve Been Putting Off – We’ve all got em. Something that you just keep writing on your to-do list and you keep putting it off. Just accomplishing that one task will make you feel like you conquered your snow day! (And if that’s the only productive thing you do all day, hey, that was still an accomplishment!)
  5. Plan – I love getting my calendar out and making plans so one of the first things I did yesterday was get my agenda up to date and even started making to-do’s for the rest of the  week. I’m also going to plan out my blog calendar and work on some My Kind of Lovely planning. Something I don’t typically take enough time to work on!

*Full disclaimer, I still live alone, but if Jared and I lived together and we were both home on a snow day (which probably would never happen anyway) we 100% would spend the entire day watching Game of Thrones. HA!

Productive Snow Day

Productive Snow Day

Productive Snow Day

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Productive Snow Day

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  1. Cathy Bentley

    Yes, we got snow too. I am about 90 minutes north of you on the border of TN and VA. Are you planning a trip to Jackson, TN?

    1. Katie Lee

      Oh awesome!! We’re actually going to Jackson MS this time but actually do stop in Jackson TN sometimes on our Arkansas trips!

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