Each fall I feel like it’s a turning of a new leaf, it may be all those years of starting a new school year each fall, but I always feel a bit of relief to let go of the summer and start over.  In a time of starting over I always find myself looking back on my life and the successes I’ve had along with mistakes that I’ve made but there is always one thing I feel….pride.  Proud of what I’ve accomplished.  Proud of how far I’ve come and most of all proud of where I come from.

As I’ve mentioned before twirling has been a huge part of my life.  It was not only something that I worked my butt off for, but it was a place where I could set goals for myself and accomplish them only because I wanted it for myself, and myself alone.  It has not only shaped me into the person that I am but it has definitely taught me a thing or two over the years.  Like when to keep pushing when you don’t think you can go anymore and even when it’s time to walk away.

As I march with my Alma Mater tomorrow, The Pride of the Southland Marching Band, I’m unbelievably proud of the person I’ve become. Proud of the motivation, strength and passion that my sport has taught me.

As I look back on my accomplishments I’m equal parts proud and excited about what’s to come with this blog.  So thankful for the friendships I’ve made and so proud of my dedication to something that I love in a world full of stress, confusion and one too many things to do.  Thank you sweet friends and readers for supporting me and following along the way. I truly appreciate every single comment, email, tweet, like and follow!

Happy Friday! And if you’re at the UT game tomorrow look for me on the field! 🙂