Pop, Pop, Pop






Old Navy Leopard coat, Old Navy vest, J. Crew shirt, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Coach purse, NYLA boots,  Chloe sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 and Lulaka necklaces, Jewelry show rings, J.Crew flower

Nothing like a good neutral outfit with a few pops of color.  I’m not much of an all neutral outfit kinda girl, I almost always have to incorporate some kind of color into my outfits.  In this case a swipe of coral lipstick, a fun flower pin and a my bright purse did just the trick.

After writing down what I’m wearing I realized lately I’ve made some really great purchases at Old Navy! This coat has quickly become one of my favorites that I purchased only because I stumbled across a 75% off outerwear sale.  I also got this red toggle coat and this great puffy vest all for 75% off!  Other recent Old Navy purchases include these Rockstar jeans and if you like high waisted jeans that actually stay up when you bend over I highly suggest these super comfy jeans.  I also have recently gotten this sweater and this great plaid shirt (both already shown on the blog)needless to say Old Navy has definitely stepped up their game this season!