Poolside Reading

The perfect poolside tablet with Intel & Pearls & Twirls

My last post with Intel was actually about how I’m always on the go and while this is still a true statement I’m happy to say after a heck of a lot of traveling I’m officially back home for a little while. I had my first few days off work and home this weekend (finally unpacking…oops) and it was so nice! My bathroom at my condo in Knoxville is 100% a construction zone so I’ve been staying with my parents while that gets fixed and I got to spend the afternoon by the pool on Sunday and it was oh-so nice! Instead of trying to work on my laptop out there I used my new Intel Tablet to to a little blog reading, keeping up on twitter and again browsing that Nordstrom sale! It’s the perfect size for things like this because it’s not too big but it’s much bigger than a phone so it feels a little more comfortable. I also just recently downloaded the Kindle app so I’ll definitely be doing a little poolside reading on this guy! Ahhh now if only today could be a pool day!

What's in my poolside bag on www.pearlsandtwirls.net

Poolside Reading on Pearls & Twirls

Poolside Reading on Pearls & Twirls

Vera Bradley Tote & Dolce Vita Sandals from My Kind of Lovely

gifted Vera Bradley tote | Dolce Vita flats from My Kind of Lovely | gifted Intel Tablet

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