Pink Blossom




Kensie dress, J.Crew top, Forever 21 belt and necklace, Pour La Victoire heels, Michael Kors watch, J.Crew bracelets, House of Harlow ring

Hello monochrome! I’ve really been wanting to try out a monochromatic outfit but never thought I had the right pieces.  With a little digging around I came up with this dress that’s been in my closet for what seems like forever and it happened to be the perfect piece for layering on the pinks!

On another note, I’ll honestly say the hardest part about being a style blogger is coordinating an outfit, a time (preferably during the golden hour) and a photographer.  This day I only had my lunch break to take photos and any good photographer knows that anytime during the day the lighting is just too harsh to make good quality photos. Well my friends, here you go, 1:00 photos.  Not the best but I do happen to like this outfit and with a little editing I don’t think they turned out so bad!