Pearls & Twirls New Logo & Rebrand 

Hi hi! Happy MAY! So sorry for the silence around here. We had some serious technical difficulties over the past 2 weeks but we’re back up and running normally with a brand new logo!

I was craving a refresh over here and I’m so excited to give the whole site a facelift but first up is a new logo! I honestly was dead set on changing the name of the blog at the first of the year. Even the best of the best business names get old after you look at it all day everyday! But changing a name and domain is a big undertaking when you’ve been blogging for almost 10 years and it’s definitely not something I could do myself, so I decided against it.

A new, fresh logo was just what I needed to clean the site up and make it a little more “me” and where I currently am with the blog. To be honest my content has been slowly but surely changing over the past couple years but I’m still just trying to figure it all out. I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes to really create a vision and direction for Pearls & Twirls 2.0! It’s not something that’s easy or that comes natural to me but it has been fun dreaming and working to improve the overall brand and the site for you guys! I’m just so excited about the future and opportunities with Pearls & Twirls and wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s here, along for the ride!

Pearls & Twirls 2.0 New Logo Design

So for the new logo! I hired my friend Erika from Evolve Creative to help me with the rebrand and my new logo. I’ve worked with Erika a few times on various projects and I always love everything she does! I wanted a logo that more closely reflected me and the everyday content I share here and on social. I also definitely wanted to change out the more fashion focused tagline to something more focused on what we’re doing here. The ultimate goal of the blog is to encourage you to live inspired. My story isn’t going to be everyone’s story, I don’t want to encourage you to be like me, but I do want you to leave here every time encouraged to go out and live your own life, inspired.

If you’re someone who’s looking to re-do your logo or create a new logo, definitely check Erika out! She’s quick, affordable and super easy to work with! She knocked out my logo very quickly and was so accommodating with all my asks – ha! I did her brand identity package which came with my new logo, fonts, colors and business cards design! You can do this package for a brand new logo or for a logo upgrade like I did. We did a main logo, a square version and a brand mark and I truly love them all.

Next up is new branded photos (can’t wait until social distancing is over and we can work on these!) and just an overall website facelift with some easier navigation! I can’t wait!