Pack Your Bag

As cliche as it is, in 2013 I’m stepping up my fitness game. I don’t necessarily enjoy the gym as much as I do a good bootcamp class or a long run, so I’m reminding myself of that and getting back to it.  I had quite a few changes in 2012 (2 moves and a new job) and as my blog became more of a priority, my fitness became less of one.  As I set goals for myself in 2013 I’m remembering all those cold morning workouts and evening snowy runs and am excited to get back at it, half marathon training here I come!   But don’t you worry, I’ll be sharing a few tid bits, tips and tricks here on Pearls and Twirls along the way! First up: Pack Your Bag!

What’s in my bag? lululemon cool racerback, crops and jacket, Asics tennis shoes, Victoria’s Secret body splash, Reebok socks, a snack (usually fruit and almonds), a water bottle and earbuds.

Carrying your bag with a change of clothes, tennies, a snack and your trusty earbuds is my secret to making sure I get that workout in.  Right now I’m working out most mornings during the week (Operation Boot Camp) but for the mornings I’m off, or if I possibly hit the ignore button instead of snooze 😉 this bag is the ONLY thing that gets me to that workout after work.  If I have to come home to change – Game Over – not doing it!  Is anyone else setting fitness goals for 2013? Any half marathons or full marathons this year?

*While you may think this is a lululemon ad – I guarantee you it’s not.  I personally like to reward workout accomplishments with lulu so I’ve accumulated some over the years of half marathons! Next reward: Perfect attendance at Operation Boot Camp for the lululemon Scuba Hoodie! (And maybe even a new handbag if I’m REALLY good!)