Monat Bakuchiol Review: a Vegan Retinol Alternative

I’ve been using a vegan retinol, Bakuchiol, for almost 2 months now and so far I’m loving it! I have used a retinol before and liked it, but my skin always felt sensitive to it and I never got to where I could use it nightly. But once I switched to Monat’s skincare line I just kind of stopped using it and forgot about it. The Rewind Age Control Nectar from Monat was brightening my skin and lightening my sun spots which is what I needed the retinol for in the first place so I totally ditched it after seeing results from the Monat line! I wish I would have taken photos of my before Bakuchiol face so I could share but just hopped right in with using it before even thinking about it! So far I’m loving the results! My skin is nowhere near perfect but I’m learning to trust the process with great skincare.  That being said, here’s my Monat Bakuchiol review!

Monat Bakuchiol Review by popular Nashville beauty blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of a woman holding a bottle of Monat Botanc Bakuchiol Vegan Retinol Alternative.

Monat Bakuchiol Review

What is Bakuchiol?

It’s a vegan retinol alternative. No, it is not retinol, but Monat has discovered plant based ingredients that can produce retinol-like results. Pretty cool right?! Bakuchiol is often referred to as nature’s retinol. It is known for providing all the benefits of retinol minus the sensitizing effects to the skin, making it gentle and effective for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. For best results, use after your Monat serum as part of your nighttime routine. (see my full Monat nighttime skincare routine pre-Bakuchiol here)

What does Bakuchiol do?

It helps reduce appearance of age spots for a more even skin tone. It improves skin tone and texture. Helps promote a smoother, more radiant complexion. Targets and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It provides 24 hour hydration. And it’s great for all skin types, including sensitive skin!

The very best part is it’s a clean product that’s safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mamas! I know so many people who have had to totally change their skincare routines once they got pregnant and are wondering how to get that good skin again! Literally one of my favorite things about the Monat skincare line is when I do get pregnant (someday!) that I won’t have to change a thing! Literally all my skincare right now (except botox) is totally pregnancy safe. My serums, my retinol, my lash serum, it all can be used! So if you’re currently pregnant and looking for top of the line skincare that’s safe and that works, lets chat! I can help you build the perfect routine!

I’m most excited about continuing to use the Bakuchiol to see how my skin transforms over time. Like I said before, my skin isn’t perfect & no one’s is. But I have truly enjoyed my Monat skincare journey and seeing the results from just switching to clean, healthy, plant based products! If you’re looking to make some skincare swaps, you can take my skincare quiz here! Or always feel free to reach out to me here, via email or on instagram!

What did you find most helpful about this Monat Bakuchiol Review?  Do you have any other questions?  Let me know in a comment below!