Goal Setting: March

A month seems like a long period of time but when you have one month to crush those monthly goals, it seems to FLY by! Eek! So we’re back with the monthly goals series and I’m recapping February and kicking off March!

February Goal Update:

That short little February month came and went way too fast!! And this last minute move threw one heck of a wrench into my plans! So I can’t say my February goals were a huge success BUT I am still calling it a win! The end goal for this whole “monthly goals” thing is to create better habits in different areas through monthly goal setting. So by setting a few “short term” goals I can put a major focus on one area, figure out what works best for me and reflect on what works, what didn’t work and how to move forward on that specific area. Not going to lie, I know I’m only a month in, but I’m kind of loving it! So looking back, I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will share with you what I decided worked and didn’t work. {You can read my full February goals post here.}

February Goal: Blogging

  • Dedicate an extra hour to block out every weekday morning to work on blogging – This was major! And a huge motivator in the mornings. I did find that when I went to work an hour early, then expected me to work on blogging for the first hour, I was easily distracted. So going forward I’m going to try to keep this up, but work on blogging from home, not at work.
  • Set a strict blogging schedule.  For the month of February I committed to posting every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I did really good on this until, last week. But this schedule works really well for me, so I’m going to do my absolute best to keep it up!
  • Grow on instagram. I did grow on instagram, but I did not do my best here. The goal was 400 new followers and 100 per week. I grew a pretty solid 200 new followers until I stopped posting for over a week. Oops! But it’s ok. This is definitely an ongoing goal, and I do think 100 followers/week is probably too high for me. So I’m going to reset this goal for next month, and shoot for 50 new followers a week going forward. And my goal of posting everyday also didn’t get accomplished, but it’s ok. I think a consistent 5-7 days a week posting is a little more realistic for me.
  • Finish and start implementing Julie Soloman’s course Pitch it Perfect. BIG OLE F on this one! I worked on it one night and that’s it. So this goal is rolling over to the month.

I really love monthly goal setting and loved kicking off my monthly goals with blogging. It felt like a pretty natural topic to start off with and will be one I keep working on and tweaking as the months go by. I have SO MANY more goals related to blogging that I want to work on. So going forward I’m keeping these up and will be adding one more blogging goal per month to my “blogging goals”. It’s a great way to hold myself accountable and check back in with myself at the end of the month.

*I also write the goals at the beginning of the month in my monthly section of my agenda so they’re easily accessible and a good reminder!*

March Goals and Focus: FASTer Way To Fat Loss

I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss last March and am still very much invested in the program. I also shared why Spring was the perfect time to start! (If you’re on the fence I’d highly recommend signing up for the March 26 round! I love the program but I’ve majorly fallen off the wagon, have tried to get back on, but it’s been harder than ever! So, with spring approaching, I really want to crack down and get back on a healthy eating and exercise routine. I’ve been trying to work back into the eating, but I haven’t worked out much at all. So I’m getting back on track! And I want to share the journey with you guys as well!

FASTer Way To Fat Loss Goals:


I want to get back into a strict routine of following the program and logging my food. I tend to eat semi healthy on a regular basis, but I got to where I was out of the routine of logging my meals. So I’m getting back on the diet AND food logging routine! I also want to share more of that here. (More on that in a sec!)


Working out is hard for me to fit in all the time and I partially blame my inconsistent schedule. I think in all my weeks of doing the FWTFL I probably only got in ALL of the daily workouts probably 1 or 2 times. I sometimes end up working 12+ hour days so on busy days it’s just not possible (or worth it to me). So my goal for exercise isn’t doing it all, but just getting back into the routine. I want to try to start working out in the mornings again (yet, I know myself and know that’s going to take some time.) So I want to set a goal of working out 1-2 mornings a week and 3-4 times a week total. (This is not the recommended amount for the program, but, progress, and attainable goals are the name of the game here!)


I used to be so good at drinking water throughout the day, but I think since I tend to be up and running all over the place most of the day, I just forget to drink. Some days I’ll have my coffee in the mornings, a drink with my lunch and that’s all I drink throughout the day! Crazy! The recommended amount of water is half your body weight in ounces, and I’m not sure that’s do-able for me for every day, right off the bat at least. I’m going to set that as the end goal, baby steps people! So I’m just starting with adding a cup of water in the morning alongside my coffee, always water with lunch and dinner, and keeping la croix’s around so I get a little more excited about my water!


My main goal with the Faster Way to Fat Loss is to get into a good routine with the program so it’s easier to stick to. This summer I got into a really great routine. I felt great, I looked great and I was super motivated to keep it up! But work got CRAZY and since then the motivation hasn’t returned. So this month I want to really focus on the program so I can get back into that routine again.

{This was last July when I was working super hard, I was consistent with my workouts and eating super clean!}


There are a lot of unknowns when starting a new diet and exercise program. So I want to be as transparent about the program as possible here. My first Faster Way to Fat Loss post has been one of my all time highest visited posts. You guys are interested, so I definitely want to keep sharing! I think the diet is the hardest, most scary part, yet also the most important! So this month I’m setting a goal to post at least 1 food, recipe, grocery shopping, post. I haven’t decided what or how, but it’s comin’! If you have suggestions on what you’d like to see, let me know! Right now I’m leaning towards a “What I eat in a Week” post and do a food diary type post? Let me know what you think!

So there ya have it! Lots of goals, lots of info and lots to work on! What do you guys think about these posts? Let me know if you’re liking the monthly goal updates over here in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think!

Coming up Next….

April: Money – Money is such a hard thing to talk about, but I want to be better at my spending, better at my saving, and all around cut as many costs as I can. I want to get smarter with my money and with budgeting. I’ve never read the Dave Ramsey books but I would like to implement a new strategy and spend the month learning more about it and ways to better my money habits. I’d also love that extra push to really work on my meal prep and meal planning. I think this will majorly help me in the budget area and also goes hand in hand with my March goals!

May: Batch Working – I’ve started to ‘try’ to implement this but it’s definitely going to take some time to get used to. I’ll continue to try it here and there but I want to spend some time researching it and really putting it into practice. I want to focus in on planning out my daily tasks and giving myself set time limits to complete them!

June: Relationships – Work slows down in the summer months so it’s nice that we can slow down and take some time off. I want to spend a month putting my relationships first, taking time off work, spending quality time with the people I love and really working on improving the relationships that are most important to me.