Live Healthy

Land's End Workout Outfit

2014 was definitely the year of change. A whole lot happened over the course of a year and consistency was definitely not my strong suit amidst all that change. I tend to keep up a fairly healthy lifestyle maintaining a good diet and by staying active a few days a week but over the past year I have definitely let those healthy habits slip. Unfortunately it’s so easy to get off track and so hard to get back on track!

As cliche as it is I do always love to use the new year as inspiration and motivation to get back on track and this January was no exception! “Live Healthy” was one of my 4 goals for the year so it’s time to get movin’! Feeling better and looking better is certainly something to get motivated about but sometimes it’s the little things that really get me going. Like cute workout clothes and some good tunes. Really, the little things make all the difference!

Lands End Workout Outfit

One of my newest and most favorite workout outfits is this one from Lands’ End latest activewear line. A half zip pullover top is one of my most favorite layering pieces, especially for running outside. This one leaves plenty of room for layering and I just love the colors! I’m also definitely a crop pants girl. I even wear them in the summer instead of shorts so these are great for warmer winter running days and ones I will definitely wear well into summer!

Land's End Workout pullover

Land's End Workout Outfit on Pearls & Twirls

Land's End Workout Outfit

Land's End Workout Outfit

gifted Lands’ End top & crops | Nike shoes

Photography by Tammy Lee