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I always think that on long weekends and breaks where I actually slow down that I will be so inspired to work on the blog and get a ton of stuff done. When in reality I like to take some time away from the computer and cell phone to you know, live life, have conversations with people, sleep in, cuddle with the pup, daydream. It turns out that taking time away from those “inspirational places” like Pinterest and blogs is even more inspiring. So today, instead of throwing together a post, I just wanted to share this quote and let you know I’ll be taking a few more days off from my consistent blogging schedule. My plans consist of helping throw a bad-a Great Gatsby New Years Eve shower for one of my best friends and enjoying the company of my closest peeps, some of which are just in town for a few days. I hope you all are ringing in the New Year with some of your favorite people! Cheers to 2014!