Today I’m interrupting my regular (that’s not been so regular lately) blog posting to take a quick little moment to get real over here. I’ve been in somewhat of a blogging “funk” lately which I’ve mainly contributed to just being super busy and feeling like I didn’t have enough time to produce quality content. No one wants crappy consistency, am I right? But recently I’ve realized a lot of my interests have also shifted this year. I no longer am looking to some of my once favorite, “picture perfect” bloggers and lusting over the latest arrivals at shopbop but rather reading educational articles, signing up for writing classes, practicing my photography skills and only reading my top, inspiring fashion blogs. It’s quite funny how we change without even realizing it sometimes.


With a lot of personal changes and improvements happening I feel a little bit of change coming to this space as well. That’s where I need your help! I want Pearls & Twirls to be one of your favorite places to come! I want you to look forward to new posts and I want Pearls & Twirls to inspire you just like I get inspired when I read my favorite blogs. I want to start incorporating new content, maybe some lifestyle posts, beauty & fitness posts and possibly even some personal stories?

What do you guys think? What do you want to see more of?


I feel like now more than ever I actually have a lot I want to share, but I want to make sure it’s stuff you want to hear, read, talk about, etc. Blogging can be difficult at times because even though when I started Pearls & Twirls I had a fairly clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish but I still often find myself asking “why am I even doing this?” I think I’ve officially come to the realization that I really want this to be more of a creative place to express myself and less about shopping, buying, name brands and spending money. Ya feel me? So many blogs and bloggers are all about posting new, new, new and omg-buy-everything-I’m-wearing-right-now that it feels a little overkill. A little (ok a lot) too much and something that’s definitely not attainable for the regular person. And while I get it, us bloggers need to make money too, but selling clothes is not what I’m here to do (now that’s a different story over at My Kind of Lovely ;)) and I also don’t ever want you guys to feel like I’m pushing product over here.

SO In my attempt to better Pearls & Twirls I would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below and if you have a minute I would LOVE for you to take my survey (it’s only 5 questions, I promise it won’t take long!) If you love outfit posts and want them to stay, let me know! If you would love more lifestyle, how-to, shopping posts, etc. let me know!

But don’t worry. Things around here will for the most part stay the same (new outfit coming atcha tomorrow). You’ll probably see me trying out a few new things in the near future and if you come across something you love, please feel free to comment and let me know! And same goes for something you hate, if you hate when I post things out of your price range, feel free to comment (and let me know what your price range is)! I want to hear your thoughts, even the bad ones! Seriously.

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