Life Update: I Took A Break

I Took A Break

Hi friends! Ok, sometimes you just need a break, ya know what I mean? I basically took all of last week off from blogging and social media and it was much needed. After a VERY last minute move (more on that in just a few) I was juggling moving and a lot of work and was getting beyond stressed. One of my goals/intentions for this blog is for it to come from a place of excitement and inspiration versus a place of forced posting. And when the only real captions I was coming up with for instagram were about how stressed I was, I realized I should probably just take a little time off. Forced posting kind of defeats the purpose in trying to create a real connection with you guys. Ya feel me?

And while I do treat this little space as a business and want to take it seriously, sometimes we just need to realize when we need a break. What do they call those in the professional world, personal health days? Haha. So anyway, I’m back and I have A LOT to share over here! I’ve been a little quiet but have a lot I’m actually working on, so I’m really excited to get back in my blogging groove! So stay tuned for lotsa fun to come!

Until then, today I wanted to share a little life update and why things have been so crazy. Just in case you don’t follow along on social media.

Life Update:

I posted last week about my moving adventure and it’s been an exciting yet crazy time! One of my financial goals for the year was to rent my condo out. So when I got a call from the perfect renter and she needed to move in in a week, I made it happen! It was stressful, but we made it though! Whew! I truly feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m right where I need to be, but it definitely wasn’t an easy road! (You can see/read more on my instagram post from last week!)

So the back story on what that actually means is…I own a condo in Knoxville and have lived there for 5 years. Since we started My Kind of Lovely in Madisonville, I actually had been staying in Madisonville (with my parents) a lot. I was back and forth between Madisonville, Knoxville and Lebanon to see Jared so my goal was just to eliminate one big expense. It doesn’t quite change my day to day life very much, I just don’t have a place to sleep in Knoxville anymore. And no, I didn’t move in with Jared, but yes, Jared and I are working on transitioning into seeing each other more which means I will be there more. And moving in together is the end goal, ha, so we’re trying to start figuring out this whole getting married thing before we get into worrying about a wedding. So, I’m excited for a little more freedom and to be able to be at Jareds more often. It’s a good change, but I promise it’s not too crazy of a change!

I Took A Break

With the stress of a last minute move, I felt like I was dropping all the balls everywhere else and things just got hard. Even more stressful to say the least! I was still running back and forth between work meetings, interviews, stores, shipping, planning, ordering, and my mind has felt like a big ole jumbled mess! I also shared on instagram how I cried in Wal Mart (may or may not have been over koozies) and the response to that post made me cry again! As things transition into a more lifestyle blog over here I want to be real with you guys and share more. Share the good, the bad, the ugly. Share what’s hard and what’s great! And I want to hear your stories too! I’d love for you to comment here and comment on instagram so we can have more of a conversation. It’s seriously so much more fun that way!

So anyway, life has been crazy. It’s all good things, and I feel truly blessed in my journey, and am so happy to have you guys following along! If you ever have questions or just want to chat about something, please feel free to reach out! I love chatting with you guys! Happy Thursday and I hope your week has been wonderful!