How’s Your Diet Going?!

How’s your diet going? I’ve been asked this question quite a few times over the summer and every time I kind of chuckle. I guess that’s what happens when you share all the goods, the wins, the great, healthy meals on the internet. But every time I was asked this question this summer my response was somewhere along the lines of, “well I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream.” Ha!

And ya know what? That’s ok too.

It’s Ok to Not Rock Your Diet & Fitness Routine All The Time

I like to keep it 100% real around here, so I’ll be honest, after over 2 years of being pretty consistent with the Faster Way to Fat Loss, this year I’ve fallen off the wagon. I think it’s pretty normal for most of us to go through ups and downs with our fitness journey and I’m definitely in a “down” season right now. At one point that is what was inspiring me, it was motivating me and I was rocking it. I felt great, I looked great and everything was great!

But this year has been tough. I’ve been un-inspired, not motivated and now I’m feeling totally blah. But sometimes you need to go through those times to get you back on the up. And just in case anyone needs to hear this, it’s ok to not rock your diet & fitness routine all the time. Sometimes we need the ups with the downs. And for the record, I will say it’s much easier to stay ON a routine than to stop and start back again. I’m kind of dreading it, but I’m officially getting back on board this week. Getting started is literally the hardest part!

I’m really just sharing this in the event any of you are feeling like me. If you need a little accountability, some encouragement and to know someone else out there is struggling to get started again (for the millionth time), know, I’m with ya sister! It’s hard, it really sucks at first but I know it’s also totally worth it!

Sign Up for the Next Round of the Faster Way to Fat Loss!

Also- if anyone is wanting to jump on the Faster Way to Fat Loss train, there’s another round starting in 2 weeks! It starts on October 7 so you have plenty of time to start wrapping your brain around it and prepping. They just rolled out a new meal plan complete with recipes and grocery lists and I’m so pumped about it! It’ll be a nice way to inspire me in my cooking and meal planning! If ya’ll have Faster Way questions, I have a lot of info on it here (click here for all my posts) and I’m always happy to answer questions anytime!

Happy Monday and let’s crush it this week!