Shopaholics Anonymous: Wear Whatcha Got!

Now that we have a closet full of things we actually love and will wear, WEAR IT! Since you love those things, wear em!

How to Wear What's Already In Your Closet

How to Wear What’s Already In Your Closet

Have a Try On Session

Do you love those pink heels but aren’t sure how to wear them? Play around with them, find colors they pair well with, style an all black outfit with a pop of pink. If you do just a little work on the outfit planning part you’ll be surprised how often you can wear those pieces you really love! So if there’s something you haven’t worn in a while or you’re not sure how to wear it. Take some time one night and try out different outfits. Tie a top up, put a skirt you don’t wear often on with a bunch of different tops you wouldn’t think to put it with. Mix reds and pinks or blues and blacks, I’m sure if you take some time to put together outfits and play around in your closet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how many outfits you can put together!

How to Wear What's Already In Your Closet

This outfit is a prime example! I snagged these polka dot shorts for $2 at Statemint last year! I wouldn’t normally think to pair polka dot separates (with different size polka dots) together but how cute is this little shorts & top combo?! I’m pretty sure I saw someone else mix and match polka dots on instagram (pretty sure it was Carrie Bradshaw Lied) and got the idea to put these two together. I added a fun little pop of yellow and my trusty basket bag and it was the perfect little summer outfit! If I didn’t play around in my closet this definitely would have never happened. I probably would have just put a cute tied up tee with these all summer and called it a day.

How to Wear What's Already In Your Closet

Mix & Match

I’m all about mixing and matching your closet constantly. I’m always finding new ways to wear things and new combinations. It’s also nice when you know how far one piece can go when packing! You’ll be surprised how few pieces you actually need! Challenge yourself to make 4 different outfits with one piece. Start simple and start with a denim jacket. A denim jacket goes great over a dress, with black jeans and a tank, with denim shorts and a tee shirt and even over a maxi skirt and a blouse. Easy peasy. Next try styling a pair of pants 4 ways, or a skirt or even a dress!

If you need some 1 piece 4 ways inspo, my Style. Inspire. Repeat. Series is a good one to check in on! I’ve shared lots of different pieces worn 4 different ways! I revamped the series this month so it will be a little easier to follow, I’ll be sharing all 4 looks in one post now, instead of sharing 1 a week for 4 weeks. I feel like this makes it easier on your guys to get the full 1 piece 4 ways effect. And I’m actually really excited about what pieces to choose for the series for fall!

How to Wear What's Already In Your Closet

See my latest Style. Inspire. Repeat. post with 4 ways to wear denim shorts!

Pinterest Inspo

If you need even more styling inspiration Pinterest is a great resource for searching outfits! Just search flare jeans or boho dress and there are thousands of options to scroll through to get inspiration! Pin outfits you love on a style board and try to recreate them at home with pieces already in your closet. (I know this sounds stupid simple, but trust me, it totally works!)

So get in those closets and get to work! Make the best outfits out of things you already have and love! It’s the best feeling!

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