How To Stay Motivated

Probably one of the hardest parts of diet and exercise is staying motivated, am I right?! Dieting is hard and exercising is hard. Living that lifestyle is so freakin’ hard. There are temptations every day. There are things that sound much more fun than working out or all the tacos sound much better than that salad you packed for lunch. Everyday you’re faced with obstacles to overcome. Today I wanted to share a few different ways I’m staying motivated and staying on track!

How To Stay Motivated

Support System – What if you had a cheerleader after every day, that said, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work! Or, that’s ok you missed your workout and ate tacos, there’s always tomorrow! Well that’s exactly what the Faster Way To Fat Loss program is like and I can’t tell you how great it’s been for my motivation! You check in everyday with the most amazing coaches. It helps me keep up my momentum even when I didn’t do my best or when my day didn’t go as planned. It’s the greatest!

Results – Another thing that keeps me motivated is seeing results. A lot of people try a diet for a week and don’t see results and just go back to their old ways. Well I love that with this program you’re locked into 6 weeks. You’ve got 6 weeks to make a true difference in your body (see my transformation here!) and it’s totally possible! It’s crazy! Then the results keep coming because you’re totally motivated by the changes you’re seeing.

I also want to point out that “results” doesn’t mean a number on the scale. When I shared my 6 week results I hadn’t even weighed myself. And in all honesty the only reason I did weigh myself was because my mom and bff keep asking! (In case you’re wondering it was 10 lbs!) I went through a point in my life where I had a very unhealthy obsession with the number on the scale and have totally overcome that. So much so, that I literally could care less if I never stepped on the scale ever again. I see my results in the mirror. A flatter stomach, more muscle tone through my arms and legs and even being slimmer through my face. That’s all we really want, right? To look better – who cares about that number on the scale!

Rewards – I think we’re all pretty reward driven, so when it comes to working out and dieting, I definitely think rewards are necessary. I’ll admit I’m definitely a food and drink reward kinda gal. Have a great week? I definitely deserve some chips and queso. Had a rough day? I’m pouring a glass of wine as soon as I get home. Celebrating something? Pop the champagne and bring on the cupcakes! But when you’re working hard to make those lifestyle changes I’ve decided that my “rewards” need to come in a different form. I hit a milestone by finishing my first week, then I definitely deserve a new pair of workout pants to keep that motivation going! (Not to mention my old workout pants won’t stay up!)  I’m also now to the point where my regular jeans aren’t fitting, so when I hit my next milestone I think a new pair of jeans are definitely deserved. Those kind of rewards definitely feel good and are a great motivator when I’m grumbling to get out of bed for my morning workout!

How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

I teamed up with lululemon Knoxville on this particular outfit and lulu is my favorite for workout clothing. Fun fact: when I was running a lot (like running a half marathon every month, running a lot) I would reward myself with a new piece of lulu after every race. It was fun because we visited lots of lululemons in all different cities and I totally remember what I got where! Those were great rewards because when you’re working out in them all the time, they’re totally worth a little post race splurge! I literally still wear the same wunder unders I’ve had since probably 2011? I’ve also been a few different weights since then so I’m thinking they need to go into retirement. Ha!

While we’re on the subject, if you’re looking for new workout wear, these new Lululemon Fast & Free leggings are the most amazing things. They’re made of a Naked Sensation quick-drying Nulux™ fabric which truly is so lightweight and fits perfectly to your body! They’re pricy but totally worth it in my opinion. I would live in these bad boys if I could!

How To Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

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Top: gifted lululemon via lululemon Knoxville | Pants: gifted lululemon via lululemon Knoxville | Shoes: Nike

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