How to Run After Your Goals: 5 Steps To Making Goals Happen

Happy Monday! Jared & I have had a LOT going on lately. Change is good, but we’ve been juggling change, lots of projects, trying to balance our schedules and at least spend a little down time together! It’s been a really crazy few weeks! But I will say, with a lot of change also comes some really big reality checks. We’ve been having a lot of serious conversations about the future about finances and about our really big dreams. These conversations can be really exciting but they also can be really stressful if you’re not sure how you’re going to make things happen. So enter today’s topic. We’re talking about making your goals and ultimately your dreams happen! I’ve honestly never set my goals as high as I’m setting them this month and I’m super excited about it! I’m ready, so let’s look at 5 steps to achieve goals!

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5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

If we’re being honest I’ve chased a lot of goals in my time. From making the University of Tennessee majorette line, to hitting sales goals with My Kind of Lovely, to landing dream partnerships with the blog to losing weight and getting in shape, to growing my Monat business and team. I’ve hit big goals and I’ve missed big goals. I’ve run for big goals and I’ve stayed in the same place for months because I’m too scared to go for even bigger goals. There’s a lot that goes into creating your dream life, your dream business, your dream income, etc. So let’s freaking crush those goals!

Stop Being Afraid of Failing

This has to be first. How many times has the fear of failing stopped you? It’s held me back, it’s stopped it, it’s kept me in the same place way too many times to count! If there’s something you want to do but you’re afraid of failing here is your permission to go for it! Not only do you have to be courageous enough to go after it, but you also have to be ready for the failure. You have to stop being afraid of the actual failure and just get ready to fail. You also have to be ready for it to take longer than expected. Write that goal down today and be ready to miss it. It’s part of the process. You don’t reach success without missing goals, without failing, without falling flat on your face to be completely honest. BUT, if you knew it would take 10 fails to get it right would you keep going? Of course you would!

Write Down Your Why

Why do you want to hit this goal? What does it mean for you? For your family? What are you going to do when you hit it? How will it make you feel? If you can remember every day why you’re doing this and what it means to you, how could you stop running for it?!

Stop Looking at Other People

This is a hard one. But you’ve gotta stop comparing your journey to other people’s journey. Your path to success and your path to your own goals is only yours. And theirs is theirs. I remember with My Kind of Lovely I just literally unfollowed 99.9% of the boutiques I followed on instagram. It’s so easy to compare, to “pull inspiration from” and honestly to morph into another person or another store! No one wants to see that. Stay in your own lane and write your own journey.


Man, self doubt can be a B. There have been so many times I’ve wanted to give up. To believe that I couldn’t do it. To think that’s not for me. But that’s what the devil wants! He wants you to not reach those goals and go after those goals. I truly think that’s the devil’s work. You are worthy! You CAN but you have to be the one that believes in yourself.

Do. The. Work.

Setting the goals and running for the goals take courage and discipline. But you have to remember that the head down, daily grind is what makes your goals happen. The days you don’t want to show up, the nights where you just want to go to bed, the weekends you just want to relax and watch TV. Those are the make or break moments. The times when you don’t want to do the work, those are the most important times. Don’t forget that!

Who’s ready to go out and crush their goals?! Tag me in all your goal running posts this month! I’m here to cheer you ON!

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