How To Push Through A Busy Season of Life

August was an exciting yet exhausting month. I can’t even put into words how crazy it’s been. Today I wanted to share a little more about what’s been going on over here, some future plans and even give you a few life lessons learned from the busiest month I’ve ever had.

How to Push Through A Busy Season of Life

{Me lol-ing at the fact that I thought I could do it all! See this full outfit post here}

If you didn’t already know, we opened our My Kind of Lovely second location just a little over two weeks ago. We opened it super fast, as in signed the lease and were open for business a month later. (See more here!) We were moving at lightning speed getting this place open. Thankfully we’re now hiring so Caroline & I don’t have to work 9 hour days 7 days a week anymore and can get back to a somewhat regular schedule. (Praise Jesus!)

Over the past month we’ve been working around the clock hours. I’ve been trying to take a day off here and there to see Jared and that’s literally all I did the month of August! I’ve finally got a few days off this weekend and have been majorly catching up on sleep, which was much needed, and doing a major closet clean out (also much needed – see my closet clean out tips here!)

I keep telling myself this is just a season of life and just a season for My Kind of Lovely. To grow and to expand takes a lot of work and determination. It kind of jolts you out of your normal routine but that’s ok. You just have to adapt with the change and know life will get back to normal at some point. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to these busy seasons of life. Having a baby, changing careers, a big move, getting married, there are a lot of things that can definitely make life a little crazy so I wanted to share a few lessons learned and give you an update for September!

Lessons Learned on How To Push Through A Busy Season of Life

Stop being a Yes girl

This is so much easier said than done. I try not to be, I work on it, I try to say no and pass off responsibilities but yet I still feel the overwhelming need to do it all. I’ve mentioned it a few times but I love listening to Jenna Kutcher’s podcasts and in a recent one she explained how saying yes to everything actually means you’re saying no to other (usually more important) things. For example, when I say yes to working 7 days a week I’m actually saying no to time with Jared. So when you put it that way, of course I need to take a day off even though it’s busy! With work being such a big priority right now on all my time off I’ve been choosing to spend time with Jared versus working on the blog or “getting things done” around the house, etc. When you put things like that into perspective it’s really helped me prioritize even when things are busy and crazy and my house is an absolute wreck!

Don’t be so hard on yourself

I’ve been beating myself up over a lot of things lately. Mainly things I just don’t have enough time for. I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been working out, I have no groceries so I’ve been eating bad. I basically haven’t been giving my 100 to anything but work. Not that that’s a good thing, it just kind of had to happen that way. So instead of beating myself up over all the other things, I just keep telling myself I can’t do it all. When I decided to find peace in taking a little blog break and not stressing about everything else I was able to relax a little and focus on what was most important. I also kept reminding myself, when things slow down I will immediately get back on track! Which brings me to….

Make a plan of action for when things slow down or for your new normal

Things still haven’t quite “slowed down” but I’m getting more into a routine for working the Knoxville store, the new hours, and my current “normal”. So instead of waiting for the perfect time to get back on track I gave myself a September 1 deadline to get back to all my things. I got organized this weekend and purged my closet. I started back to the Faster Way to Fat Loss Sept 1 and am getting this blog post up today. Wahoo! I’m kind of forcing myself back into all my other things but at least it gets me going instead of continuing to put it off for months. I know my days will be more productive when I get back into a routine so even though it’s hard, it’s definitely going to help in the long run!

If any of you are in similar seasons of life, know that you can do it! You can make it though, just look for the light at the end of the tunnel! I hope these tips help you like they’ve helped me. And if any of you have made it through similar seasons of life and have any tips of your own I’d love to hear them! (We’d all love to hear them! :))