Do It Scared

Whew. What a statement right? One of my sweet friends and followers commented on a recent instagram post I shared, that was all about comfort zones, that her motto for 2019 was “do it scared.” And I’ve been thinking about that all weekend. Seriously. It hasn’t left my mind since I read it!

How to Overcome Fear

It has resonated with me so much that I decided to share a whole post on it. Not because I’m a pro at it, but because this motto has the opportunity to quite literally change your life! (Not to be dramatic or anything…)

What Does Do it Scared Mean?

What are the things that hold you back? Why do they hold you back? I’d be confident in my guess that probably 99% of the things that hold you back are fear. Fear of failure, fear of what people might think, fear of making a mistake, fear of spending too much money, fear of not making enough money, fear of… (fill in your blank.)

I’m currently reading “Goliath Must Fall” with my bible study and have realized fear is a huge, Goilath-like giant in our lives. We can overcome that giant or we can hide. Which one do you choose?

I’m choosing to freaking take him down! I don’t know about ya’ll but there’s too much life to be lived to live it in fear! Who really cares if you fail? Who really cares if you make a mistake? Those things don’t define us. Those things are actually inevitable! We all fail, we all make mistakes but that’s how we learn and grow and what makes us who we are. If you open your mind up to the amazing opportunities that come from failures and mistakes and choose to learn from them and mold yourself into a better person because of them. Holy crap can you imagine how great those failures actually are?!?!

How to Overcome Fear

What Am I Doing Scared?

I’ve realized I’ve been really comfortable lately. Like painfully comfortable. And I was so uncomfortable doing new things that I just avoided them. I’ve been scared to try new things, talk to people I don’t normally talk to, ASK people for help. A few different things have been pushing me out of my little comfort zone and into the unknown and I’ve been SO INSPIRED by the outcome. Tears are filling my eyes up right now because of the crazy amazing things that have come about over the past month just because I got out of my own head and embraced the unknown. I pushed that fear, those negative thoughts and my own stupid pride out of the way and I feel like I’ve opened up such a wave of new opportunities.

I don’t know where you are in your journey of fear, or if you have fear in your life, but I’d say most of us can find a thing or two that this pertains to. Whether you’re scared about looking for a new job, scared about starting something new (maybe a blog!), scared about reaching out to a friend or making a new friend, scared of having an important conversation or maybe you’re just scared to ask someone for help. Think about it, pray about it, and DO IT SCARED.

So tell me friends, what is fear holding YOU back from? What are you most afraid of? And what’s one thing you can do today to take one step towards that fear? Don’t feel like you have to conquer the whole mountain today. Just take a few steps in the right direction!


And just a little P.S. Don’t look at me and think I’m not scared to share photos of myself on here. Or that I’m not scared to share this blog post or scared to get on video on instagram. I was SO SCARED when I started blogging that I did it without telling a soul for 4 months! I WAS TERRIFIED! And some of those blogging things still scare me! I get nervous sharing posts like these that are more vulnerable and definitely get nervous on video. I just know pushing myself to do those things makes ME a better person. Still celebrate your wins, but embrace the scary!