How I Keep My Hair Long & Healthy

I talk a lot about my love for my hair care products but thought it would be fun to break down a full hair care routine for you! I talk to a lot of girls who want to grow their hair longer but it won’t grow past a certain point or once it does it’s damaged and not full and pretty! This is totally common for long hair but I’ve learned a few tips and tricks for keeping my hair super healthy and growing long!

How I Keep My Hair Long & Healthy

Tips on How to Keep Hair Long and Healthy


I do oil treatments once a week on my scalp. I’ve shared a lot about this on my Instagram, but once a week I put the Rejuveniqe Oil on my scalp and let it soak in over night. All of the Monat products promote hair growth and the main ingredient in all the products is RejuveniqeS. This is exactly what makes all the products so amazing so putting the oil directly on your scalp literally works magic! If you have any dandruff, any scalp issues, greasy scalp, deal with buildup on your scalp (commonly disguised as oil/greasy scalp) this oil will be your new bestie!

Hair growth with Monat

*in these two photos you can see how much new growth I have in my hair line! This is an area where a lot of women will see thinning hair. I didn’t even really notice mine! The Rejuveniqe oil treatments have majorly helped here!*


I alternate between using the Monat Black 2 in 1, the Volume shampoo and the Perfectly Platinum shampoo. I ALWAYS shampoo twice, first wash gets buildup off, second wash gets your hair clean. (Same goes for washing your face!)  I typically do my first wash with the Black 2 in 1 and second wash is wither Platinum or Volume and follow with the coordinating conditioner. (Read my blog post all about washing your hair here!)

Post Wash:

There are 4 products I always use on my hair after washing! 3 of them being my secrets to keeping my hair super healthy!

How I Keep My Hair Long & Healthy

  1. Unknot Detangler – I spray as soon as I take my hair down from a towel. Your hair is weakest when it’s wet and this detangler not only helps you detangle easier, but it also has an ingredient in it that will strengthen your strands as you brush through! I don’t brush my hair without this anymore! Breakage = can’t grow your hair longer!
  2. Leave in Conditioner – Since my hair is so long my ends tend to get a little dry and when that happens breakage happens. I use the Leave in Conditioner pretty generously on the bottom half of my hair to make sure it’s hydrated and protected! It also has an ingredient in it called Cortasorb that will protect your hair from UVA/UVB rays. So this is also a summer must for me!
  3. Heat Protectant – I don’t always blow dry my hair but I do almost always curl it. Which means I always put a heat protectant in my hair when it’s wet! This one is a silicone free, plant based heat protectant. If your heat protectant has silicone in it (most do) this could be a huge reason why you’re able to get your hair to grow past a certain point! Silicone effectively protects your strands but it also suffocates them. You’re putting plastic on your hair then heating it up with your blow dryer or hot tools. Not a good combo. A lot of people think they’re doing their hair a favor by protecting it with a heat protectant but it’s not always the case! This one really protects!
  4. Blow Out Cream or Air Dry Cream – I’m more of an air dry girl these days because it gives me a little more natural texture and volume so my air dry cream is my go-to! But both of these will cut your dry time in half and cut back all your frizz! They’re literally the BEST!

How I Keep My Hair Long & Healthy


I have a few favorite styling products but those will obviously vary depending on how you regularly style your hair. My three favs are…

  1. Dry Shampoo – helps me go longer between washes (better for your hair), has no toxic ingredients like propane or butane and gives me a lot of grit and texture!
  2. Styling Taffy – Hairspray in a jar! I love this for a lightweight hold on my curls. It keeps them light, not weighed down, and easy to manage.
  3. Dry Texturizing Spray – If you like gritty texture in your hair this stuff is the best! It’s great for adding some texture throughout your hair and at the roots.

Before and after hair transformation with monat

Literally just switching my products out has given my hair so much life! Before it was stuck at the same length with not much body or length, but now, I have much more full hair with volume, body and curls that are so healthy and last for days!

Message me on instagram for a personalized hair care routine recommendation. Just get started with 3 products and you can build your routine up!