How To Get Paid Sharing the Things You Love Online

We’ve officially reached the social media era where everyone’s got a discount code for something or is a boutique or skincare brand rep. So let’s talk, how to get paid sharing  the things you love! You don’t have to be an “influencer” to get paid to share products you love. Whether you’re sharing on social media or in person, literally everyone has the opportunity to share things they love and make some money from it. It’s just deciding how you want to do it. I’ve been sharing things I love on here for years now and I feel like I’ve done it all! But the biggest eye opening thing for me was taking a look at network marketing vs. affiliate marketing.

First of all let’s address something first. You do not have to be a blogger or social media influencer for this to apply to you. Literally anyone can sign up for an amazon storefront (affiliate marketing) or a network marketing business. If you’re not a blogger but would like to make money sharing your fav amazon items or skincare, this applies to you too!

The #1 way for anyone to make money sharing the products they love is through some form of affiliate marketing.

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of a woman kneeling on a bed while using a hair product.

Network Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing? What’s the difference?


Seriously it’s the same thing. One just pays better.

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

I can go to Old Navy, buy a bunch of clothes and share with you all my outfits that include affiliate links. If you shop Old Navy with my links I’ll get a small commission from your purchase. It could be anywhere from 4-10% commission and they’ll pay me in 60-90 days and once my payout reaches $100+. It’s a nice perk, but it’s definitely not something that’s consistent enough to pay my bills. This is just one example from one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms. There are different platforms, but I haven’t seen many that are structured for a good payout for the influencer.

How Network Marketing with Monat Works:

I usually steer clear of using the words “network marketing”, “direct sales” and heaven forbid “MLM” when I’m sharing because for whatever reason it’s gotten such a bad reputation. (loved this Direct Sales is not a Scam post) But the truth is network marketing with Monat is the bomb! There are 10 different ways to earn with Monat, versus just 1 with affiliate marketing programs. Monat pays 15-30% commissions on sales through your affiliate link. With the chance for even greater commissions through bonuses and referrals. No waiting period to get paid either! We get paid every Friday and on the 15th of the month. That’s 5 paychecks a month. I’ve NEVER seen that with any affiliate marketing platform.

I also personally love that anyone who purchases through me or through my link becomes my customer. I can send recommendations, help out with any questions and even run my own promos and giveaways to increase sales and encourage people to try something new! For me this is the most fun part of it – I love knowing what people buy and hearing how they love it and being able to get them the results they want. Definitely something you don’t get with affiliate marketing.

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Pearls and Twirls: image of a woman laying on a bed next to some hair product.

A Few Things To Think About with These Types of Marketing:

  • Can you do both? Absolutely! But your time, effort and paychecks can be maximized with a network marketing income stream.
  • Not all network marketing companies are created equal. I’m specifically sharing about my experience with Monat. I genuinely LOVE the products and they have a wonderful compensation plan. Don’t join a network marketing business without taking a look at the compensation plan. If you have questions I’d love to show you Monat’s 10 ways to earn!
  • But I’m not an “influencer”! Can I still do something like this? YES & YES you actually are an influencer! Even if you don’t think you are, you influence people. I’m sure someone has asked you where you got your cute sweater, your purse, or what your lipstick shade is. We ALL have influence whether you know it or not!
  • You do it on your terms. In either types of marketing it’s all on you. How often you share, the things you share, etc. It’s all on you. You can increase your sales and your return based off of how hard you work. Neither way is a post a couple times and make money kind of thing. It’s work, for sure. But it’s fun work!

I wanted to write this all out to share because I genuinely have LOVED my experience with Monat. It’s an amazing company with amazing products and my Monat income has far surpassed my affiliate income. I also see women totally rocking their Monat business who didn’t consider themselves “influencers” before. It’s truly a great way to earn another stream of income and it’s SO much fun! If you’ve ever considered doing Monat with me, now is an amazing time to start! Message me on instagram to chat more!

Is there anything else you want to know about network marketing vs affiliate marketing?  Let me know in a comment below!