How to Embrace Change

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You guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been so silent here. Things have been crazy lately and weird and I just haven’t wanted to force things here. I never want to feel like I’m putting things out here just to do it, so that’s why I’ve been pulling back on my blogging for the time being. I’ve had to force myself to realize that while I LOVE doing this. I literally can’t do everything. And in this season of life I’ve had to really prioritize and pull back on some things. While also embracing new things and learning how to embrace change.

Like I said, life’s been a little weird lately. All good things, just a lot of change. A lot of trusting in God’s plan and things that are bigger than me. I’ve learned to just let go of some things, release the grip a little bit, go with the flow but work really really hard. So today I just wanted to get back in the swing of things and share how I’ve been embracing a lot of change lately.

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How to Embrace Change

Not going to lie all of 2019 has been a ride. I’ve welcomed a lot of change into my life and I can really see things shifting. I’ve gone periods where I’ve held onto things for way too long, so I’m trying to remind myself that change is inevitable, and we really have no choice but to embrace it. Nothing changes unless we do and I was too tired of staying where I was. Scared, excited, confused, just embrace it! (I keep my Do it Scared post at the top of my blog for that reason – it’s a great reminder when change seems scary!) Here are a few of my tips…

Don’t Dwell on the Past

Literally what you did yesterday, is in the past. It’s done. Don’t dwell on what you did yesterday. Today and Tomorrow are all you can do now. Don’t look back on old mistakes, on old decisions and either wish for them back or think there’s nothing you can do to change today’s situation. All you can do is what you’re faced with today. And a lot of times that requires change. New thinking, new attitudes, new work. Get to work on TODAY.

Let Go Of Old Beliefs

I think all of us can agree that when we dreamed of being at this point in our lives we had a different vision of what our life would look like. And sometimes that can get us down. But you have to let go of those beliefs. A lot of us think our lives were supposed to follow some cookie cutter guideline and a lot of us don’t actually want that! (I thought I wanted to work in corporate America – lol at that) If there are any old beliefs or old stories you’ve been telling yourself about your life and how it SHOULD look, you need to let go of those. Embrace what you really want and the things you really want present in your life. You have to remove those old beliefs from your mind and only build up the life you want right now. And fight like hell for it.

Change is GOOD

Change sometimes really sucks. It’s scary. It gives us an uneasy feeling, makes our stomach turn, induces stress. But what’s causing that is the unknown. If you can embrace that change is good and shift your mindset to seeing that change as a blessing, more abundant things will come your way. Trust the process, trust God and most importantly trust YOURSELF and you will see that change is good. Sometimes a lot of happiness is just on the other side of that scary change.

Tips on How to Embrace Change & Set Goals

If you loved this post and want something else inspiring, check out my Do it Scared post from earlier in the year! I keep it at the top of the blog so I can easily revisit it and I’ve gotten so many messages from people that it’s helped them too!