How To Do a FaceTime Photoshoot

One of the good things that’s come out of quarantine (in my opinion) has been the fact that it’s forced a lot of us to shift, to pivot, to get creative. I have been inspired by watching small businesses pivot and creatives create new ways to be creative. It has inspired me so much! I was so intrigued and excited to see photographers offering facetime photoshoots! What does that even mean? What will the photos look like?! I didn’t care, I was sold! Definitely something I wanted to try out! This time has been so unique and something that I know we all will remember and talk about for years to come! I knew I couldn’t pass up a fun opportunity to document it! And I thought it would be fun to answer all the questions of exactly how to do a facetime photoshoot?!

First of all, they’re easy and affordable! One of my new friends, Lucy, posted that she was offering a small FaceTime shoot package for $20! I was like- sign me up! And I was so happy with the shoot and how the photos turned out! Sooo, let’s talk details!

How to Do a FaceTime Photoshoot

Shoot the Device

She shot in two different ways – she did some where she shot me on her iPad and styled it up somewhere cute in her house. This is a true FaceTime shoot! You can see me on the device, her in the frame shooting me and honestly she styled them all so cute! To me the look of these are just so fun and creative, I love them!


But, what I didn’t know is you can take screenshots on your phone or iPad and get amazing photos! The picture never seems to be perfectly clear on your end when you’re actually FaceTimeing but look how great the screenshot photo turns out!?! I’m kind of blown away these!

Ready to Book a FaceTime Shoot?!

If you’re interested in doing a facetime shoot, here are a few tips! I had a iPhone tripod (mine sucks- I actually need a new one so I don’t have a recommended one to give you!) This will be great for propping your phone up so you can be hands free and not worry about the phone. You can also adjust for different angles/locations around the house if you need to. I had a few different props and fun things to add to the photos to switch things up! I had the flowers, grabbed a kitten and switched up my accessories all in the short 30 minutes we shot and love the variety of photos we got! And lastly, have fun! These aren’t meant to be perfect! Be silly, try something new, dance around, wear your pjs, just document quarantine life for YOU!

I’d highly recommend booking with Lucy if you do want to book one! She’s the sweetest, she’s so fun and will totally make your time with her so fun, creative and perfectly you! 30 minutes for $20 and you get 10-15 photos!