July Intentions: How to Create a Better Morning Routine

I’m getting back into the process of sharing my monthly intentions and I’m so excited to share July’s! July’s intention is my morning routine. Today I’m sharing my new morning routine and how to create a better morning routine for yourself!

I have to say though, I have really been slacking on sharing my monthly intentions over here. I started these last year as part of my new years resolutions and it was one of my favorite new years habits I’ve ever done! When I set a monthly intention I can see so much of a difference in my focus over the month. These intentions definitely help me get into better habits and routines and I hope you find them helpful too! So, who’s ready to learn how to create a better morning routine?!

July Intentions: How to Create a Better Morning Routine featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Pearls and Twirls

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Over the past month I’ve really been noticing how my mornings definitely can make or break my day. Getting into a better morning routine was something that was on my radar but honestly it’s hard to just make up a good one. I had a good little system going, but other than get up earlier (sometimes), read/journal and workout, I didn’t really know what I should be doing in the mornings. And I definitley wasn’t super disciplined about it. Luckily some of the girls I work with were also in the same boat and one shared the book the Miracle Morning. It sounded exactly like what I needed.

How to Create a Better Morning Routine

So here’s the deal, the book gives you an awesome guideline of 6 things to do in the morning. A true morning routine to set your day up for success and I am LOVING it! It’s not super long and fancy but it’s small things to get your mind right and ISN’T hitting snooze and scrolling on instagram. So I wanted to share a few little bits of my morning routine and what I’m specifically working on this month that you can incorporate into your morning routine too!

Consistent Wake Up Time!

I’ve never been a morning person so I’ve never really liked getting up early. But knowing that this new routine is something I’ve committed myself to makes it a little more exciting to get out of bed. Right now my alarm is set for 6:45 & 7:00 I hit snooze one time and out of bed by 7! I also have stopped making excuses. Like if I stay up late, the alarm still is set for the same time. No more staying up too late or sleeping in, we’re makin’ habits over here!

Phone On Airplane Mode

I’ve been putting my phone on airplane mode at night so that when I wake up I don’t instantly check my phone and scroll instagram. When I open instagram up, it doesn’t work, so that’s my reminder I don’t need to be doing that ha! Also when I grab my phone there are no notifications on there so I don’t feel like I missed anything while I’m sleeping. If I need to check something I’ll turn airplane mode off, check, then put it back on until it’s time to turn it off for the day.

Miracle Morning

Now that I’m not distracted by my phone, I get up, head to the coffee machine and sit down for my miracle morning. I used to do my morning reading in bed, but now I totally get out of bed and into my chair. The miracle morning is a 6 step process that can take as little or as long as you want. Literally you can do it in 6 minutes if that’s all the time you have!

30 Minute Workout, Shower & Start your Day!

Exercise is actually part of the Miracle Morning but I do mine last. I do the Faster Way to Fat Loss online workouts, they’re just 30 minutes and I love that I literally just do them in my living room! My mind is usually thinking of all the things by then, so once I wrap up my workout I’m honestly really excited to get to work for the day! Sometimes I shower, sometimes I just get straight to work! The phone comes off airplane mode and I’m ready to rock and roll!

I can’t tell you how much just 2 weeks of implementing a more structured morning routine has improved my day! I’m more productive, feel good, get better sleep and truly feel like I’m back in my groove again! And that feels gooood!

So tell me, do  you have a good morning routine?! What are some of your favorite parts? Tell me in the comments!