How To Batch Work

how to batch work

I’ve been on and off talking about batch working for a while now, so thought it officially needed its own blog post! For any of you struggling or needing tips on how to batch work- this post is for you! I currently have 3 separate businesses and technically 4 jobs and am quite the juggling act lately so if you, too, are juggling a lot of things and trying to be your most productive self, this batch working post may just be the game changer you needed! So, let’s start with the basics..

What is Batch Working?

Batch working is working on one set task in one block of time. While we all think we can multi task like a queen, actually batch working is the real king here. It’s is the best way to blast through projects efficiently! Not to mention when your mind is focused on one thing at a time you’re less likely to make mistakes like you do when you’re jumping from task to task like a mad woman.

How to Batch Work?

You set aside certain hours per day to work on certain tasks. So take a look at your hours from 9-5, what do you need to get completed in those hours? Block them out in time slots each day and when it’s time to work on one task, you work on it from your specified hour section, stop when the hour’s over and move on. Another way to batch work is block out a certain time period to batch out a lot of a certain task at one time. So if you’re a blogger, sit down and write out all your posts for the week in one sitting, versus working on them for 1 hr per day.

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Batch Working Tips:

  • Practice: the first few times I tried it in my daily workday I was WAY too ambitious. I was throwing in hours of work into a 2 hour time slot and it left me feeling rushed and defeated at the end of the day. So when this happens, just know that on the next day, you can pull back. Don’t schedule in all the things you WANT to accomplish, just a few and go from there. Just put 2 things in that time slot instead of 6 and space the 6 throughout the week! Once you practice it a few times you’ll know what you can fit into those time slots.
  • Start Small: Start by batching one of your daily tasks! Set a one hour timer to work in your inbox each day. Once the timer goes off move on to the next thing. This will teach you to focus on one thing at a time and move on to the next.
  • Batch Out Tasks: If you’re a content creator or if you do anything in the field of social media, batching out content is a great way to get ahead of your content game. Shoot multiple looks at a time that you can use in different ways versus just getting one instagram shot at a time.

Perks of Batch Working:

  • Big Projects: If there’s a big project you need to start but feel overwhelmed by starting, batch it out throughout the week. Say you’re going to work on it 30 mins a day each day and write it in your calendar. It’s a great way to bite things off in small pieces and you’ll be so glad you did!
  • Work Faster: When you have one hour to complete something it’s much easier to get it done in one hour. Versus just saying you’ll “get it done today” which allows yourself to push it back and check your email one more time, reply to that message, etc.
  • Multiple Passions: If you are a multi passionate person (like I am!) this is a great way to manage all those passion projects! I’ve really been trying to batch out a lot of my Pearls & Twirls content on certain days that way I’m not as stressed about getting my posts completed, and I’m not scrambling at midnight finishing a post.
  • Fights Overwhelm: I’m the queen at sitting down and being so overwhelmed by the things I need to do, the things I haven’t done yet, the things I know I’m forgetting about, that I’ll sit down and do busy work instead of the REAL WORK I need to be doing! Ugh! It’s the worst! But, each day in my planner I try to write out notes for each of my “blocks” that way I know the things I need to do. I very rarely sit down and don’t know where to start or what to start working on thanks to batch working!

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Have you tried batch working?! What do you think about it? What are your favorite ways to practice batch working?