How My Style Blogging “Style” Has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

I’m coming up on my 10 year blogging anniversary and it’s kind of blowing my mind! I mean I knew it was coming up, but 10 YEARS?! That’s a long time to stick with something! In the next few months I definitely want to do some reflecting back on things I learned, mistakes I made, things I wish I would have done, etc! But for today I want to share some of my style evolution that came through style blogging.

style blogging then and now | Style Blogging by popular Nashville fashion blog, Pearls and Twirls: collage image of a woman wearing floral print maxi skirts.

2012 & Now

Style Blogging

Style Blogging 10 Years Ago

When I first started blogging it wasn’t really what it is today. It was more inspiration and re-creating outfits from your own closet. I remember one girl that would literally take photos from magazines and re-create them from what was in her closet. (I wish I could remember her name!) Then came pinterest and instagram but those were still just expressing your personal style. Next, Rewardstyle came out (liketoknowit) and things quickly went from ‘how to style’ things to ‘what to shop’. Which was great! Bloggers could now monetize their work! They’re able to share what they’re shopping and get paid for it! But it also switched the way we shared to only sharing new, in stock products that you could buy right then. I remember feeling like, gah I need to be shopping all the time to keep up! And honestly, I think that’s when I was least happy with my blog and my content.

style blogging through the years |Style Blogging by popular Nashville fashion blog, Pearls and Twirls: collage image of a woman wearing a denim top, red mini skirt, black polka dot tights and brown suede ankle boots, and a chiffon long sleeve blouse and flare jeans.

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I loved re-creating outfits, trying out trends and making them my own. Not necessarily because I loved to shop. And definitely not because I was always shopping the latest and greatest things. I was creating outfits from things already in my closet, thrifted finds and sale rack steals! And honestly, that’s still how I shop now! I very rarely shop full priced items, I love finding things on Poshmark, I love more unique pieces that you can’t just go out and buy, and I also love shopping from small businesses and boutiques!

How I’m Making Style Blogging Work for Me

So yes, things have changed, but I’m happiest now sharing things that I truly love, how I actually shop and must have pieces to add to my closet! I think a lot of people who like to follow me like to see my outfits, but don’t necessarily see themselves wearing my outfits, which is totally fine too! If you’re not into hats, bell bottoms and over the top pieces like a fringe jacket or gold velvet blazer, no prob! I’m just glad you like to see them!

Lately I’ve been SO BORED with a lot of mainstream style, that I’ve unfollowed a lot of the popular bloggers. I’ve been loving finding more unique fashion and style bloggers and have been way more into western fashion and western style! It’s fun, I see a lot of women on cattle ranches, rocking their cute outfits and I’m inspired. I’m inspired again to shift my style and my blog with my actual life. No, I’m not turning into a western style blogger (for now at least -ha!), but I am shifting my focus to be a more lifestyle blogger and I want to share more real life with you guys! Real life of a girl who helps raise cattle, who works her businesses from her pjs but still likes to get cute and feel great in fun and unique clothes!

What’s to Come for Pearls & Twirls

I don’t really have a true vision for this space right now. I do know I’m committed to doing things my way. Not how I “think” I should do things, not how other’s are doing things, but truly sharing what I want to share. The things that are inspiring to me, the things that are exciting me and more of my real life, not the “blogger life” that I’ve been so obsessed with sharing in the past! (The need to go to coffee shops just to take a cute photo was redic.)

So here’s to not following what everyone else is doing in 2021. Here’s to embracing my true self. And here’s to more fun style, unique outfits, more cowboy boots and less “fluff!” To those of you who have been around for it all, thank you! And to anyone who’s new, I’m thankful you’re along for the journey! All my hope for this space is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to do and wear what makes you happy! Peace & love my sistas!

What do you like most about style blogging?  Let me know in a comment below!