How I’m Breaking Out of The Quarantine 15 Rut

The Quarantine 15 is REAL. And I promised myself I will not stay here any longer! I’m breaking out of my Quarantine 15 rut RIGHT NOW!

I shared this on my instagram story last week but I’ve been struggling to work out and get motivated with my nutrition. I’ve been grabbing easy snacks, having a glass or two of wine every night, and not moving near as much as I should. My motivation is at a ZERO. And once I got to really thinking about it, I decided what the culprit was. I have nothing to look forward to. I’m typically pretty good at being disciplined during the week so that I can splurge or have some wine or go out to dinner on the weekend. But it’s like all the days are work days now, there’s nothing fun to look forward to on the weekend, so I just look forward to having my glass of wine every night and lounging around.

I’m just seriously lacking motivation and have been filling my time with more work or house projects or searching the internet for who knows what. Ha! So this week I’ve been working on implementing some new strategies and wanted to share them with ya’ll!

Workout in the Morning

We all know we should be doing this, but I’ve been skimping on it. I’ve been saying oh that’s a nice break, I’ll do it at lunch time or in the afternoon! And then of course later never comes. I literally JUST decided I now have 3 morning non-negotiables and getting my workout in is one of them! Doesn’t have to be the very first thing, but I have to get my workout in before noon every day. (I’ll do a post on these morning non-negotiables soon!)

Meal Delivery Service for Healthy Dinners

I’ve always wanted to, but never pulled the trigger because our schedules are so crazy! Well, now is the perfect time to try out a meal delivery service like Home Chef or Hello Fresh. I’ve been doing Hello Fresh and so far, we’re 4 meals in and Jared and I both LOVE it! My thing was, I have a few really great, really yummy healthy dinners that I can cook, but we got tired of those real quick. I tried out a few new recipes but dang it’s exhausting! Especially when you’re trying to limit your grocery store trips too! So this was the perfect alternative! There are vegan, low carb, low cal options too and the best part- they’re all in My Fitness Pal! So I can log them everyday!

I tried it out with a $40 off coupon and I have one to give to you tooClick here to get $40 off your first Hello Fresh box!

Portioning Out Snacks & Doing A Little Meal Prep

One thing that I caught myself doing is not eating a real lunch. I’d grab some crackers or snacks of some sort and then eat the whole bag as my lunch and then of course feel like crap. So portioning out snacks/chips/crackers into little containers also helps me not do that. If I KNOW I’m eating one serving size I’m more likely to go find something else to eat- ha! I also found myself not wanting to “make something” for lunch and that’s why I would grab the easy snacks instead. So just a little healthy meal prep has gone a long way! Like going ahead and chopping up lettuce to throw together a quick salad and then having super easy ingredients for a sandwich or wrap has been very helpful on the eating throughout the day!

Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To!

Whether it’s no drinking until the weekend or treating yourself to a fun new outfit after completing 5 workouts that week, give yourself a goal and then a treat! I’m definitely a reward motivated person so when I can reward myself for my hard work and discipline, I’m much more motivated to get it done! And right now my online shopping wishlist is getting out of control, soooo, maybe that Free People jacket I’m dying for will end up just being a reward for staying on track!

Give Yourself a Timeline

Something that also helps me is if I give myself a timeline. And that timeline needs to be long enough for you to see results. So say, I’m going to stick to this for 1 month/4 weeks/6 weeks. If I can tell myself, 4 weeks, I can do it! If I can stick to it for 4 weeks, I’m hooked. I saw results, I’m feeling better, I’m motivated to keep going! Just getting over that hump is the hardest part in my opinion! The first 2 weeks are hard, but once you get into your groove things go much smoother!

This is also one of the reasons I love the Faster Way to Fat Loss to kickstart! It’s a 6 week program, and if you can commit and follow through for 6 weeks – I PROMISE you’ll see results! (see my 6 week results here!) There’s also a new round starting on June 1!

Reminding Myself That This Isn’t Going to Last Forever

We will get through this, and I can’t wait for the day. I’m putting some fun summer photos up as a reminder that I WILL get out of the house this summer, I WILL want to wear a swimsuit and while I don’t quite care if my body is perfect or not, but I do want to feel good and be able to enjoy myself this summer. And ultimately I know getting my mind right, eating well and exercising daily will help me feel my best!

So, let’s go! Let’s get to it! It’s important to remember to give yourself grace during this time, but if you’re like me and just NEED a kick in the pants, let’s get to it girls! I hope my tips encourage and inspire you to join in or create your own!