Homecoming at UT

It was homecoming week last week at my Alma Mater, the University of Tennessee!  Every homecoming all the band members get a chance to come back and perform one more halftime in Neyland Stadium.  It’s such a fun experience and all my best majorette friends always come back for one more performance. We spend the day practicing, primping and twirling just like the old days!  The fun part is we can break a few rules along the way, we paint our fingernails, put “T”s on our faces, tailgate and smile and wave to friends and family during the march to the stadium.

Not only do we get to march to the stadium, twirl at halftime and re-live “the dream” for a day but we get to spend the weekend with some of our best friends who we don’t get to see that often.  Needless to say, every football season we all look forward to breaking out the batons and hairspray for Homecoming weekend at the University of Tennessee.