Holiday Party

Loren Hope cuff

We’ve all been there. Holiday party coming up and you have no clue what the heck to wear!? Is it dressy? Is it not dressy? Are people dressing festive? Or not? Well 9 times out of 10 people get a little more dressed up for the holidays so I think in our case (yes, our, as in us girls who love to get dressed up) you’re safe to be a little over dressed. If you’re still unsure about what to wear I’ve come up with the perfect cocktail recipe to keep you on track (because cocktail recipes are the easiest to remember, am I right?)

Silver Sequin Skirt and J.Crew Factory Red Blazer

My recipe for dressing for those hard to dress for parties? 2 parts sparkle, 1 part festive color and 1 part neutral color. Here I took my average statement necklace sparkle and added a sequin skirt for my 2 parts sparkle. I kept the overall look neutral for my 1 part neutral sticking to silver and black and added a festive red blazer to really pull the entire look together.

Festive Holiday Look

Layered Statement Necklaces by Forever 21 and J.Crew Factory

Holiday Dressing Cocktail Recipe by Pearls & Twirls

In the case that you’re really worried about what to wear or being overdressed tone down the sparkle a little bit. A neutral color sequin tank and basic black skinnies would look fantastic while still keeping your look somewhat subtle. You could even go with a black blazer and a red lip for color!

Holiday Look - statement necklaces & Red blazer


Target long sleeve tee | J.Crew Factory Blazer (30% off with code SALE30) | Gap Skirt (love this one!) | J.Crew pumps | Forever 21 necklace |  J.Crew Factory necklace (obsessed with this one) | J.Crew bracelet | JTV bracelet | Loren Hope bracelet via Obligato

And if you didn’t know sequin skirts are totally necessary for the holidays! Shop more here:

Photography by Tammy Lee