Hi! I’m Back! (a little check in!)

Hi friends! Here for a check in! Life has been a little wild lately. A lot of change, a lot of flying by the seat of our pants, a lot of what’s next!? But I keep telling myself, there’s only one thing that stays the same, change. And you’ve just gotta keep pressing forward! So here we are, just chugging along.

Back in April I got really overwhelmed juggling a full time job, working my 3 side businesses, and trying to spend time with my new husband who was traveling a lot for work! So I decided to put the blog on hold for a little bit. Instagram and social media are much less time consuming ways to share content and instagram was where I had the most conversations and connections with you guys, so that’s where I’ve spent most of my time over the past few months. But I’m excited to get back to creating more blog posts and sharing more here too!

So more than anything this is just a little, I’m back and super excited post! One of my fav bloggers Grace from The Stripe just moved from NYC to Charleston and she did a really fun “Checking In” post after her move so I thought it was a fun post and could be a fun way for me to hop back into blogging! So jumping back in with a quick check in.

How Are You Feeling?

Life is feeling a little crazy right now. Jared & I are both back and forth between middle TN & east TN a lot. So I’m back to the old days of clothes and bags in two places and living out of the car, but other than that feeling really good. We’re feeling like things are happening in our favor and I’m feeling really optimistic about some life changes we have happening! Feeling a crazy, but very optimistic!

What Are You Excited About Right Now?

I’m excited to be in east TN more and I’m excited that the country is opening back up! I’m planning some really fun summer events for My Kind of Lovely and for Monat so I’m super excited about those! I can’t wait to see people, shop with people, and have some girl time! Stay tuned for more on those!


Yes! We’re so excited to be heading to Colorado in August and I have some other trips I’m dreaming about right now too! Not sure if we’ll be able to squeeze in a beach trip this year or not but I’m going to try my best!

Something You’re Loving Right Now?

Getting back to blogging and creating! With things being so crazy the past few months I haven’t made time to really get creative. I’m planning some shoots, playing around with reels on instagram and trying my best to do some more creative things which has me in a whole new mindset! I’m also trying to get back into a new daily groove with my morning routine, workouts and more healthy living. Pandemic life did a number on all of us I feel like but I’m getting back to my healthier self which feels great!

So that’s where I’ve been and how I’m feeling, what about you?! Take a little time and ask yourself these questions. We all need a little check in from time to time!