Heart Happy: The Perfect Cup of Coffee


Mmmm coffee. One thing that’s guaranteed to make my heart happy when I need a little pick me up is a great cup of coffee. The only problem? I’m not really the best at brewing my own perfect cup at home. The solution? Starbucks!

….and no I don’t mean driving to Starbucks and bringing it home. Starbucks actually wants to teach you how to brew your best cup yourself!

I’m super excited to share that I’ve joined the Starbucks Blogger Community and I’ll be testing out and sharing some tried and true Starbucks classics along with some new things before they even hit the shelves!


To kick off this fun and flavorful Starbucks series we’re starting with some basics. I loved reading through the Starbucks Coffee Passport (which taught me I was using too much water in my morning cup – oops) and it’s perfect for making notes and keeping up with what I’ve tried and what I love. This time I tried out blonde, medium and dark blends and while I thought I was more of a blonde coffee person I surprisingly loved all three!


The Veranda was light and sweet. Something that I could drink any time of day and numerous cups of. Always a good a quality in coffee! Something about it seems like it’s the perfect cheerful cup of coffee!

The House Blend was also a cup that I could sip on all day long. This one tastes like the typical cup of Starbucks coffee I know and love! A very distinct flavorful cup.

The Caffee Verona I was a little intimidated by since it’s a dark blend but was very surprised by. It was so sweet and rich! Definitely the most flavorful cup of the three and to be perfectly honest, I almost wish I had some chocolate to accompany this cup!


My first tasting from Starbucks was definitely good one and I can’t wait to try out some more and fill up that coffee passport!

Disclosure: I was gifted all Starbucks items in this post in exchange for my review. As always, all thoughts are my own and I would never partner with brands that I don’t fully support! Thanks for supporting the brands and partnerships that keep this blog alive!