Heart Happy: Job Love

Ok, I’m falling a little behind on my weekly Heart Happy posts but I’m super excited to make a comeback with this one! After Tuesday’s event at My Kind of Lovely I’m truly feeling like Caroline & I have found our place with My Kind of Lovely and it’s definitely a heart happy kind of feeling. In this new entrepreneur life it’s really easy to get discouraged or feel like “how are we ever going to make this into something?!” Especially in retail where your costs are very high and your competition is even higher. We honestly still don’t know how we’ve even made it work this far but something just feels right. The things we do, the ideas we have, they all just somehow seem to work when in reality we’re just out here putting our hearts into it and trying to figure it all out.

Well the story of how this whole thing came about is kind of funny so I definitely wanted to share about the event in it’s entirety. So here we go….


As wholesale buyers of Moon & Lola Caroline and I have actually met Kelly a few times at market when we’re buying the latest and greatest Moon & Lola and we always love when she’s around! Well Kelly and her Brand Manager Emily (whom we’ve also previously met at market) were both in Charleston for SBSCon so Caroline and I made a point to chat with them both for a little bit after the networking portion of the day was over (they loved our booth and our Totes Adorbs bags!) We had seen the airstream tour and told Kelly how excited we were about the collaboration, never everrr thinking to ask her to come to our little ole shop in small town Madisonville, TN. Later Caroline & I were chatting and thought, well we carry both the brands, we have a great following and support system, we can throw a mean party, all the SBS bloggers loved us and our booth, why don’t we ask them to come to us?! We stopped in the Moon & Lola store on Sunday in Charleston and whatdaya know, Kelly and Emily were both in there! So again, we chatted with them for a little while and pitched them coming to My Kind of Lovely on their tour! Of course Kelly had to check with Carly and we never imagined it would even be an option but we thought heck, what do we have to lose? Lets email as a last chance swing at it and that’s it.


Fast forward a few days…we just finished our first day at gift market, we’re getting in the car to head out for drinks and dinner and a NC phone number calls me. I don’t answer but listen to the voicemail and it’s Kelly! Immediate freak out. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?! We call her back on speaker and she wants to come to our store in one week. ONE WEEK!!! We’ve done no planning, haven’t even thought about logistics of how we would pull this off and we’re out of town at market until Friday! O.M.G.W.T.F.

Without boring you with every little detail we did some major planning to pull this off, including Caroline totally rearranging her family vacation plans, but we had everything planned and ready to go Tuesday morning when they arrived. Except there was a storm coming. We waited out the first storm, until the sun was shining and we unpacked the airstream and got everything ready to go until 2 hours before the event there was an even worse storm coming! Hitting right at exactly 5:00 (when the event starts) and the airstream was actually kind of far away from shelter (our shop). So all plans went out the door and we literally rearranged everything. In 2 hours.


People braved the storm (a tornado warning, trees down across roads and terrible flash flooding) and made it out to the event! Even Julie drove all the way from Abington and Lacey from Morristown and lots of Knoxville girls all drove down in the terrible conditions just to party with us! It. Was. Amazing!


So all in all it was definitely an accomplishmet for our little shop and little town of Madisonville to pour so much support into us and what we love to do. The city Mayor even stopped by and gave us a proclamation declaring July 14th as My Kind of Lovely day! Seriously?! You gotta love small town support! Heart is so happy!


I’ve got lots of snaps from the event and we’re happy to say the new Moon & Lola xx Bourbon & Boweties bangles are available for preorder at My Kind of Lovely and we will be carrying the line in the store very soon! Email us with any questions you may have and to place a preorder! These bangles are selling fast! {shop@mykindoflovely.com}
















A huge thanks to Carley of Bourbon & Boweties and Kelly of Moon & Lola for believing in us and spending the day with us! xo!