Mini Trader Joes Haul

Ok ya’ll every time I decide to do a healthy eats post I intimidate myself and talk myself out of it. Like the info isn’t good enough, I didn’t buy all of Trader Joe’s so I can’t give a good haul/review, what I cooked wasn’t picture perfect enough, I don’t cook enough, my cooking is boring, etc. etc. etc. So I’ve decided to stop that, and I’m just going to dive in! These posts probably won’t be the prettiest just yet, but eating, grocery store shopping and what I cook are the most requested posts I get! So I decided to start with a recent Trader Joe’s Haul. I’m going to try to either update this one as I find new TJ’s goodies or if ya’ll like this one maybe do a few different versions of it! Please, please let me know if you like this post and if you find it helpful! I want to be sure ya’ll are getting good info out of these posts!

Healthy Trader Joe's Haul

So here’s the deal with Trader Joe’s, surely I can’t be the only one who’s intimidated by it, right? It all seems ‘healthy’ but there are also a lot of fried things and desserts mixed in there, so you definitely have to be careful! I’m also not a regular Trader Joe’s shopper so I head to the ole TJ’s to find things that are different and to spice up my usual grocery store runs. You can guarantee you can find something fun and different in the frozen section, you can’t go wrong with their seasonings and salad dressings and I love their bagged salads!

Healthy Trader Joe's Haul

Bagged Salads:

Bagged salad kits are my new favorite thing! They’re so easy and so yummy! You can mix them all if you’re making dinner for the whole family or you can just portion out a serving for you for lunch, a side, etc. They’re nice I can also leave out things depending on how it fits in my macros that day, so for instance on a low carb day I may leave out the fruit but use the nuts and maybe even add in some chicken. So it’s great that they’re flexible and they take a lot of the work out of making a salad.

Healthy Trader Joe's Haul


Their seasonings, especially the Everything But the Bagel seasoning, are always a hit so this time I grabbed the Garlic Salt grinder (which is actually my favorite) and the Chili Lime. I’ve had the Garlic Salt one before and I literally put it on everything! I actually like it more than the everything but the bagel seasoning! I use this one for eggs, veggies, chicken, it basically goes on almost everything I cook! Then the Chili Lime seasoning, gives a little lime-y punch. This is good for chicken or fish if you want to give it a little spice. It’s also great for anything mexican inspired, like tacos, taco salad, etc.

Healthy Trader Joe's Haul


I’m always snacking on banana chips (I do have to be careful and portion these out though!) So I grabbed a bag of banana chips to keep around. Then I tried this steel cut oatmeal for the first time. It’s in the freezer section and to be kept frozen but is a good oatmeal if you like oatmeal. Much better than the instant! But nothing that I was just crazy over.

Healthy Trader Joe's Haul


I’ve yet to try the Cauliflower Pizza crust (follow me over on instagram and I’ll be sure to story when I do make it!) but I’ve heard so many great things about these that I just had to give it a try! I went ahead and grabbed some pizza sauce as well since I knew I wouldn’t have it at home. I also always grab a frozen mix because these are so good to have on hand for quick dinners. This super food blend has sweet potatoes, quinoa, carrots and kale and is a great, easy side dish for dinner.

Ok, that’s all for this TJ’s haul! If there’s anything else you guys would like to see please let me know! This wasn’t so bad after all! ha! Happy, almost Memorial Day weekend!