The Secret to Finding the Best Blazers

Blazers. Love em or hate em? I went through a serious blazer phase a couple years ago, then sold them all, and now they’re coming back! I knew I would regret selling those! Ha! I love that a more boxy fit blazer is whats back and I want to let you in on a little secret. Vintage blazers from the 80’s are where it’s at! I mean can you even with this adorable gingham one? It’s perfectly oversized, I love the gingham (I could do without the shoulder pads, but whatever) and I just think it’s such a fun piece for spring and summer!

So wanna know where I found this one? Goodwill. Can you believe it? It’s so much fun, right?! I love a good thrifting experience and always end up finding a nice little gem at Goodwill but this little blazer is one of my all time favorites! It was under $5 and I can’t wait to style it this summer! I also found this pink one in the same Goodwill shopping trip! It was the day of the blazers and now, suddenly, I’m hooked on blazers again!

Between a $5 Goodwill blazer and $10 Bargain Hunt booties I think I’m becoming the world’s most frugal shopper and honestly I’m here for it. I’ve been really loving shopping consignment, thrift stores, Goodwill and even Bargain Hunt. Do ya’ll bargain shop?! I’d love to hear! And what are your favorite stores?!


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