Girl Talk: Lacey Douthat of The Glitter Gospel

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

Happy Monday! Girl Talk is back and I’m sure you could have guessed it but today I’m featuring my blogger bestie, Lacey, from The Glitter Gospel. Lacey and I met a few years ago when we were both attending the (then) Southern Blog Society Conference in Atlanta. (It’s now The Blog Societies!) Lacey reached out to me and told me she was planning on attending, didn’t know anyone, and was also a Tennessee blogger. That email started our friendship 4 years ago! (You can see us at the conference together in this post!) Since then Lacey and I have kept in touch, but over this past year we have become really close. We shoot together at least once a month, we text on the regular and we really have become the best of friends! Sharing your life on the internet seems very open and welcoming but it can actually be a little lonely, so having a blogger friend you can collaborate with, bounce ideas off of, dress up with, vent to and dream with is so special! And Lacey has 100% become one of my best friends! She’s really the best!

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

Meet Lacey from The Glitter Gospel…

Tell us a little bit about how The Glitter Gospel got started and your journey with the blog. 

I started blogging in 2013 after meeting a girl who is now a HUGE blogger and getting some encouragement to start my own. Actually I always thought I would start a youtube channel (and that’s in the works), but blogging just happened and I’m so glad it did. I had an interest in blogging because when I graduated with a degree in Fashion and didn’t live in a big city, options were limited. This was a way to bridge the gap and meet some amazing ladies.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

You also semi recently did a rebrand and are really working on your branding and your community on TGG. Tell us a little about that process and what your plans are? 

When I first started blogging it was under the name A Glimpse of Glitter. To be honest I started to get burned out because I felt so incredibly limited. It was the worst feeling. I took about 6 months off completely and worked on fueling the fire and figuring out what I wanted to do next. From there The Glitter Gospel was born. I wanted a brand that reflected community, not just me sharing outfits and talking about myself. I wanted to talk about real-life issues and the struggles I had along the way and deepen the connection with my readers. The Glitter Gospel allows me to focus on so much more than just myself, and that’s what I love.

As for the future, I want to continue to grow and cultivate my community. Video is going to be a huge part of my brand in 2018 and that’s my biggest focus right now.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

You da social media queen! (Seriously Lacey has taught me SO MUCH about social media and social media strategy) How do you keep up?! How and where do you learn your tricks?! 

Haha, well I hardly think I’m the Queen by any means… but what I did is take the focus off the nonsense. I focus on cultivating engagement through engaging. Simple as that. I spend more time than I would like to admit on all social channels (facebook, pinterest, and Instagram) because that’s what it takes. Being active. Platforms value those who are active vs those who just post when they feel like it.

As for where I find my tips… to be honest when I stopped searching for the end all be all of how to grow on social media is when I actually grew. I am a huge advocate for stopping the botting behavior online and most click-bait articles tell you to do just that or use other shady tactics like follow-unfollow. None of that works. Maybe your numbers will grow, but you are probably just growing your audience in India (sorry not sorry).

I 100% think you should just find people who inspire you online and that you aspire to be like. See what they are doing to engage their audience and find a way to apply that to your personal brand.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

Blogging can be a tough thing because (or at least I’ve felt) you’re in it alone. How do you stay motivated? 

My blogger friends and my readers fuel me on the daily. Our friendship and shooting together has been a huge part of that. I leave feeling inspired to do more and learn more. It never ends. I also take small breaks where I need them to avoid burn out! That’s been huge for me.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

You also work a full time job and blog! How do you balance it all? 

Whew! I wish I had some magic formula to share, but really, it’s just dedication and lack of sleep. When I have too much going on in day-to-day work-life… I am less present. It happens. I spend my weekends shooting and nights writing and scheduling, that’s just the life I live. I always call myself a double-lifer because my work and blog life are so incredibly separate and different.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

You struggled with an eating disorder for years and you’re so open about sharing that on the blog and how you’ve overcome it. How hard or easy is that, and how has sharing this story affected you? 

That’s a can of worms for sure. To be honest, sharing it was so hard! Once I shared it though, it got easier for me. That’s really where TGG came into play. I shared a post with Target and came clean about what I had been going through and knew there and then something had to change. That’s when the re-brand happened.

Talking about what happened to me helps me cope, it holds me accountable, and it makes me want to help other people going through the same. The biggest thing for me is sharing this continually so new readers always know my story. That isn’t so my story is echoing the walls on the daily, but so that they don’t come to TGG and think it’s a place where you have to be perfect to belong.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

{Read her most recent post here}

What’s one of your favorite experiences TGG has given you? 

Hm… so many really! The biggest for me would just be the connection I now have with my readers and the friendships I’ve made in the community. I’ve found my tribe and some of my best friends through blogging and TGG is to thank for that.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

What are you most proud of? 

I’m proud of the TGG tribe. I’m proud to have ladies who support me in what I do and who I consider IRL friends. Those are the women who reply to stories on IG, get my weird personality, and share similarities with me.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

What’s one of your big, crazy goals? 

Oh man, this is so fun to answer because the answer is a 180 flop from what it would have been two years ago. I want to grow an online bible study and focus group for women who struggle with body image. I think Eating Disorder still has a taboo affect and some people feel like they don’t belong to the club unless they had a full-blown ED… but most of us struggle with feeling less-than, ugly, fat… you name it! I would love to grow this community to allow for a focus group like that!

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

What’s one thing your followers might not know about you? 

I’m pretty candid to a fault, but probably that I am incredibly awkward IRL. Online, I feel so comfortable and like I can let my guard down, but meeting new people and being in large groups freaks me out. People are usually really surprised!

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

What’s your recent favorite purchase? 

These rain boots! You know yellow is my favorite, and I’m so excited to have an alternative to my Hunters for the spring season! They come in 8 colors! (Shop Lacey’s Rainboots here!)

What are 5 things you can’t live without? (Beauty, closet, life, etc!) 

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 100% It’s the best thing in the entire world. I wear it alone M-F most of the time with a hint of blush and mascara and I’m good to go!

Chai Tea. I’m obsessed. My favorite is a chai latte with almond milk, a pump of vanilla, and a shot of expresso. You’re welcome.

This is absolutely random, but I can’t live without Aerie Bralettes! I wear them almost daily and they make layering so much fun. Hint: wait for them to go on sale! I buy them in bulk  for around $10! Otherwise they are still under $20 so not bad at all! (P.S. They’re on sale right now!)

Another closet favorite, but high waisted jeans. I can’t wear anything else now. High waisted for life.

While I love my husband dearly, my dogs are my life. Rosey is a French bulldog mix and Lemon is a Goldendoodle. They bring so much light to our lives and I swear a Goldendoodle hug can cure ANYTHING!

Who’s your biggest style inspiration? 

I call my style Barefoot Blonde by way of Atlantic-Pacific. I have so many touches of boho in my wardrobe, but also love a classic piece. Pairing the two together makes a really fun combination. I have always had a true obsessed with all things Jackie O as well though.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

Any tips for newer bloggers just starting out? 

Be yourself and find your own brand. Before you start reaching out to brands and even other bloggers, create your foundation. You have to do some of the leg work yourself. Once you’ve done that create your tribe of both other bloggers and brands and start cultivating! It takes time and you will get there with patience.

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

Champagne or cocktails? Champagne always!

Summer or winter? Spring!

Fries or Pizza? The Avocado Fries from Sovereign Remedies in Asheville, NC

Night out or night in? I’m a homebody. Night in for sure!

Beach or desert? I’m obsessed with all things Palm Springs! Take me to the desert please!

Lacey Douthat from The Glitter Gospel

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