For a Cause…

My friends and I are in a club, the $10 Club, something that we started completely on our own and we have full freedom to do whatever we want with it.  It was started as a fun way for us to all get together once a month (something that is sadly hard to do) to catch up, eat, drink and do this all for a cause.  We each bring $10 to every meeting that goes directly into our charity fund.  We have the complete freedom to support any charity, family or cause that we want which is something that’s really refreshing.  If there is a family in need, we help them out, if there are some girls who can’t afford to buy a prom dress, we pitch in, family members are going on a mission trip and need our help, we’re there.  It’s really fun to be a part of something where you truly can help someone out and know exactly where your money is going – directly to that person/family/business in need.

With that said, we decided to to host a fun fundraiser at one of the local bars in downtown Knoxville.  We sold tickets at $30 a piece of which half went directly to the $10 club and the other half went to drinks.  Luckily Kacie B. is part of $10 Club and graciously let us use her name to get some people in the door and the bar we chose, The Old City Entertainment Venue, has a pretty awesome staff that helped us out tremendously!  We had such an awesome turnout and overall a fantastic night!  Here are just a few photos from our night of fun!!

{Greeting our guests as the party starts – Dressed in our Valentine’s day best!}


{Dance Floor}

{Be sure to check out Alex’s blog – she has great tips and info on Kacie’s outfits from the Bachelor!}